Submitted by cmsadmin on Sat, 02/11/2006 - 4:48pm

|Tracking the Muse

We were kicking around various explanations of why our Muses, from time to time, seem to disappear on us. Some of the ideas we came up with:

  • My Muse ran off to the Caribbean. Now she's in the path of a hurricane and can't be reached.
  • My Muse got call screening and has decided not to return my calls.
  • My Muse got a restraining order against me.
  • My Muse went hitchhiking, got bonked on the head, and now suffers from amnesia.
  • My Muse partied a little too hard and woke up in Vegas with a new spouse and a very interesting tattoo.
  • My Muse had to enter the Witness Protection Plan.

Has your Muse left you without a forwarding address? Stopped returning your calls? Told you to leave her alone, or dumped you for a Hollywood producer? Do you call a bounty hunter? A psychic? Your local law enforcement or government agency? If you'd like to join our story challenge, send me a short story (no minimum length, but it should fit in the body of an e-mail) about where your Muse ran off to, and how you handled it. We'll share our stories with the group and see where the Muse track takes us.

And the subs were:

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  • [TheTheftOfArloMuddleton]
  • [TheSecretLifeOfaMuse]
  • [RestraintByMuse]
  • [SwornToaMuse]
  • [TrackingTheMuse]