The Science Fiction Writers Workshop is a place where writers can learn and hone the basics of the speculative writing craft. The group consists of writers at all skill levels, from people with major market credits to those just starting out. Stories range from nuts and bolts science to mystical speculative fiction.

The goal of the SFWW is to improve writing with an emphasis on making stories publishable. This is done through:

  • critiques of members' stories by the membership
  • instructional online chats
  • a private message board
  • a wiki for collaborative world generation and storywriting.

There are no charges or fees to belong to the SFWW aside from members' regular internet provider connect charges. All we ask is that members participate.

To learn how to join SFWW, see: How SFWW Works

Welcome to the Science Fiction Writers Workshop

To find the new chatroom:

  1. Log in (The link won't appear until you do)
  2. From the top menu, click Chat
  3. The chat page is displayed. The current chat date should be at the top of the list, older chats will be displayed below.
  4. Click the current chat date and the chat page should load. Chats start at 9:30PM ET Mondays.