Membership in this 'writers workshop'.

Hello....I have looked over this website and so far, i'm dissapointed. Last post was quite some time ago.

No one seems to be here at all. Looking for someone to talk to about your writing seems like  a moot subject.
I'll not stay here. Whoever does end up reading this, I wish the best of luck.

Imagine your words and see them develop on paper.


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Stupid Characters

I have trouble making my characters do the wrong thing. I know what the bad guys are doing or going to do so it seems obvious to me what thr good guys should do. The problem is that at that point in the story the good guys don't yet know what the bad guys are planning.

TV movies don't seem to have this problem. The guy with half a face and a pitch fork is outside, don't open the door. SPLAT! Or what I call feeding the monster: Al go check on the phone. Bob, Al is late you go check on Al. Charlie go check on Bob.

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Pot holes vs Plot holes

Quite often the first drafts of my stories are like Swiss cheese: full of holes. But let's abandon that metaphor (probably need a post on killing your darlings) and jump to roads. Roads have holes in them and the holes need to be fixed. Filling in a cold patch works for a short time/story and may be OK for a flash or short. Longer fixes need more prep and may need the removal of surrounding parts to keep the structure firm.

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Words and more words

Too terse? Did your WWII history end after one chapter? Some writers, myself included, tend to be terse and struggle to get their word count up. There was a discussion of this on Absolute Write a few weeks ago. I think I sent a link around. Most writers don't have this problem and saw the suggestions as to how to increase your word count as definatly a way to hurt your story.

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Rock your writing

When stuck in a ditch or snow you rock your car back and forth to gain momentum. The same with writing. This may need a bit of explaining. When you rock backwards you delete some of you words. This may not sound like progress but we all know that many of the words you've written are going to get deleted.

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New start

Time for a new start. A new piece of paper or a new computer file, whatever, it is time to get going. It is too easy for me to get lazy and not do anything. But today I will get some writing done. See you next week.



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Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day so just the links. Have a nice day, enjoy yourself, then get back to work.

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The Necessity Of Ventriloquism When Telling Your Story To The Dog While On A Walk

Unfortunatly the title is the longest thing I've written in quite a while. But it does mark an attempt to get back into writing. I decided to tell my story to Zena (our dog) while taking her on a walk. Part way through it occured to me that if our neighbors saw me talking that my walk could be cut short. It was then that I started mumbling and trying to mnot move my lips very much.

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The Action is The Result

Sometimes it matters less what you do but more that you do something. Yes, I'm still in my rut. SO I've got to try doing something, anything to get me moving and creating. Wish me luck.


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Unusual Interruptions

The usual chores and typical interuptions I can handle. It's the new ones that require new responses that slow me down. In any case my four weeks of interuptions (bathroom remodeling) that really put a crimp in my time management. But that is over so I should be able to plunge back into my writing.

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