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NaNo Done - Novel not yet

NaNoWriMo is over. I have fifty thousand words which are about two thirds of the novel. What to do next? First I will take a week off. Just because and because I let some things slide that now need attention. But what to do on the novel next? I should simply finish it and then start a rewrite. But the NaNo dash has pointed out some ah, oh, deficiencies in the story so far. Not major problems just parts where I skipped over some details like the exact number of people or spaceships involved.

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Write or flight

I'm still working on Nano; it's going well except Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm no ahead. I did find this thing called a VariDesk. It is height adjustable monitor and keyboard device which can be lowered to a normal height monitor support but can also be raised so you can stand in front of your desk an type while standing.  I tried it for a bit using some boxes to raise the keyboard. I left the monitor low so it wasn't a true test.

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Half way to NaNo Nirvana

Nano is moving along. I had been on schedule or a bit ahead then things got busy and I'm now a full day and a bit behind. So this will be brief.

Number five is interesting:

Sometimes you shouldn't push it:

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Scrivener'ing along

One of my goals for this years Nano is to try out Scrivener and if I like it buy it. It is a lot like yWriter but not free. For the money you get a much more polished program. It does have its ways of doing things but it is flexible so you have to work with it to mold it to your style. Here is what I found works for me.

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Nano'ing Along

My Nano progress is doing good. I'm half a day ahead and hope to improve that continuously.

The inner stuff:

Who's speaking now:

Yeah, yep, that's right:

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Ready for NaNo

I think I'll be ready to start NaNoWriMo this year. I have a few more scenes to outline and the timeline with how many people are awake needs work. Oh, and I should make up names for them and a few more such details but I think I am ready.

See you on the other side of the month.

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Write what you know - really?

First I'll say a little about my novel writing. I've gone with Scrivener to do the outlining and will use it to finish NaNo this November. I'm cheap so the half off for NaNo winners is a good incentive for me. I'll keep you posted.

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Work, write, and recreate, proportions may vary.

Novel suck, spoken as a short story writer. I guess I just think in short story lengths. I'm trying to work on a novel and I get lost in the length and details. So I'm trying to outline or something like that. I'm not thinking in a classic scene chunk. Nor am I thinking in chapter lengths. I hope to figure this out in time to start NaNo in two and a half weeks. I tried to make a "scene" card in which I would describe each scene. That didn't work because I didn't break it down into stand alone scenes. So now I'm going to try bigger chunks which can have a few scenes each.

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The Spoken Word

Those in the group know I did sent a short around for critiquing. One of the last reviews of it I did was to have LibreOffice read it aloud by the extension - . It helped a lot. If you've read it you may question that "a lot" phrase but I did pass it through the horse twice.

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Just Do It

My "just do it" idea from last time did get me to finish a first pass. So now all I have to do it polish it up and send it out. In  any case I got it done and that is a good first step. maybe even a necessary first step.


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