Write or flight

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I'm still working on Nano; it's going well except Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm no ahead. I did find this thing called a VariDesk. It is height adjustable monitor and keyboard device which can be lowered to a normal height monitor support but can also be raised so you can stand in front of your desk an type while standing.  I tried it for a bit using some boxes to raise the keyboard. I left the monitor low so it wasn't a true test.

It is a nice change and I think I will try it more after Nano but there is a downside. BIC doesn't work as well. If you are on your feet it is much easier to walk away from a hard scene than if you are sitting. It's fight or flight for the writer.

Words from an editor:

Imagine that:

This again:

Tough love for writers:


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We're going to have to work

We're going to have to work on that fight or flight problem for you Eye-wink