Submitted by DaveK on Mon, 10/14/2013 - 1:42pm

Novel suck, spoken as a short story writer. I guess I just think in short story lengths. I'm trying to work on a novel and I get lost in the length and details. So I'm trying to outline or something like that. I'm not thinking in a classic scene chunk. Nor am I thinking in chapter lengths. I hope to figure this out in time to start NaNo in two and a half weeks. I tried to make a "scene" card in which I would describe each scene. That didn't work because I didn't break it down into stand alone scenes. So now I'm going to try bigger chunks which can have a few scenes each. My scene cards looked something like this (I couldn't get any kind of formatting to work):

Ch____________Sc________________Brief description___________
Date/time start end___________________Location start/end
Scene function
Opening Hook
Ending hook

I printed these out four per page so I had a bit more room than a 3x5 card. Not quite big enough. Next week you may see how my larger, chunkier cards look. Assuming that they work out better.

Links below:
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A dog walks into a bar:

Build the structure:

Let the journey begin:

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