The Spoken Word

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Those in the group know I did sent a short around for critiquing. One of the last reviews of it I did was to have LibreOffice read it aloud by the extension - . It helped a lot. If you've read it you may question that "a lot" phrase but I did pass it through the horse twice.

The voice is a bit mechanical, sort of like having Stephen Hawking read your story. I'm not sure why it helped. Maybe it forced me to read slowly as it spoke the story or maybe it was simply hearing the words. Some advice, don't select the whole story to read aloud. I haven't found a way to interupt the talking so pick one page at a time to read. A plus is that you can edit as it speaks.

Time to start thinking about this:

I should have had this before writing my story:

First you start:

Don't stop:

POV with zombies:

If you do this you might stop:

Silly time travel  rules:


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