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Article: Do What You Love

Dean Wesley Smith's thoughts on writing media tie-in stories versus one's own original novels.

Find 'em at

Heinlein's Rules For Writing

Hi all,

I'm sharing some advice given by Dean Wesley Smith in which he said aspiring writers should follow Heinlein's rules for writing.

Dean wrote:

Those of you thinking about making a living at this business, you must know and follow these rules. Heinlein wrote them into an article back in the '40s, and they still apply 100% today. If you think you are an exception,
you are fooling yourself.

Heinlein's Rules

Rule #1: You must write.

Rule #2: You must finish what you write.

Rule #3: You must never rewrite (unless to editorial demand, and then only if you agree)

Astronomy Workshop for Writers(like Physics for Poets?)

Hi all,

I'm passing on an e-mail from Gordon Van Gelder who's promoting an astronomy workshop for SF writers.

Gordon Van Gelder wrote:

>I thought this might be of interest:

---Gordon V.G.

*Astronomy Workshop for Teachers in Wyoming

>I'm trying to get funds out of NASA for an annual two-week workshop in Wyoming
that will be for teaching writers more about astronomy, in order to improve the
quality and quantity of astronomy in fiction. There will be an overnight trip
to a 2.3 meter telescope, hands-on exercises processing Hubble images, and
more. Costs will be held as low as possible, with full rides and more for

Article: Workshopping at Odyssey

A workshopper's view on the joys of six weeks of learning from Jeanne Cavealos at

Article: Clarion vs. Odyssey

One workshopper's view of both workshops.

His two cents are at

Article: Finding A Way

Dean Wesley Smith's take on seeking out the best writing instruction there is at

Article: Great Workshops

Dean Wesley Smith's take on the ups and downs of workshops at

Article: Advice to New Writers

The title says it all. You can go to

Article: Death, Taxes, and the Writer

Some advice on how to deal with writing income for tax purposes at


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