Fiction Novel Pitch Conference

Hi all,

I've heard of a new novel pitch conference starting up in New York. It's called NYC '06 Pitch and Shop. The link's at

This is a conference where editors are willing to listen to novel pitches unlike at regular SF/F conventions.

It's extremely new and late for this sort of thing (film script pitch fests have been around for years), but better late than never. None of the editors are major players, but they're all up and coming, and apparently into new things to bring the fiction business into the 21st century.

Some of the people there are:

The Editors at NYC '06

Molly Barton is an acquiring Editor of fiction for Viking, as well
Publishing Coordinator of Penguin Group U.S. (a position which allows
her to be involved with all PGI imprints).

Jackie Cantor is an Executive Editor at Berkley Books, a division of
Penguin Group.
and will shortly be moving to Simon Spotlight Entertainment, where
will be an associate editor.

Tom Colgan is Executive Editor at Penguin

Alexis Gargagliano joined Scribner in 2002 as the assistant to Nan

Anna Genoese is an editor at Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, where she
acquires for both the Tor and the Forge imprints.

Senior Editor Diana Gill is at Morrow

Emily Haynes is an Editor at Plume, an imprint of Penguin Group.

Rebecca Heller a is an Associate Editor at St. Martin's Press.

The Workshop Leaders

Michael Neff

Charles Salzberg

Terese Svoboda

Tim Tomlinson

The NYC '06 Pitch-and-Shop Conference is sponsored by Algonkian Novel
Workshops and the New York Writers Workshop.


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