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Hear of any good places to send stories? How about bad ones? (Markets, not stories.)
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Getting to Know Agents

Since my latest project is a humor novel I believe that I will have to find an agent. The usual web sites are:

Preditors & Editors


Absolute Write

Some agents have blogs and I've found them useful and entertaining.

The Miss Snark site lists a few blog sites of other agents and editors.

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Fiction Novel Pitch Conference

Hi all,

I've heard of a new novel pitch conference starting up in New York. It's called NYC '06 Pitch and Shop. The link's at

This is a conference where editors are willing to listen to novel pitches unlike at regular SF/F conventions.

It's extremely new and late for this sort of thing (film script pitch fests have been around for years), but better late than never. None of the editors are major players, but they're all up and coming, and apparently into new things to bring the fiction business into the 21st century.

Some of the people there are:


When I told a Clarion mentor, Michael Armstrong, that I was debating on whether to submit a short story to Asimovs or the new Baen's Universe magazine, he shared a caution with me about Baen Books.

He had some contract disagreements with Baen and advised that people be very cautious in working with Baen Books. He also filed a grievance with SFWA over the matter.

For those interested, Michael's bio is at;jsessionid=P7Zrb0JdbjbSZhCXs3...

Asimovs looks better and better. Must get back to writing now.


WOTF Newsgroup

For those looking for the latest low down on WOTF, go to

Article: What Have You Done With My Manuscript?

An insider's low down on what happens when you mail your story out into the world at

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Interzone accepting limited email submissions

Just came across guidelines for Interzone, the famous UK SF magazine. They will be having two yearly windows for email submissions, which I think is cool. If it works for them, maybe other pros will pick the idea up. One is in May! So get your stories ready, folks!


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Aberrant Dreams

Aberrant Dreams is a relatively new online magazine.

The rejection I got was quite personal and positive. Plus, Bruce Golden had a piece published there not to long ago. Seems like a good market for science fiction, fantasy, and other stuff. I must admit, though, the red and green color scheme does not do it for me. Ugly. :smt011

Aberrant Dreams

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Finding Markets

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Locus vs. Chronicle

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