One member story is emailed to the group each Monday.  Members read the story and send any comments (critiques) to the entire group within two weeks.  To maintain membership, each member must critique at least two stories a month.  The hosts can grant waivers to this policy on an individual basis, provided members contact them in advance.  The hosts also reserve the right to remove any member from the mailing list for abusive or disruptive behavior.

Once a member has done at least four critiques, that member may ask for a critique date for one of their own stories or sample novel chapters.  Waiting times vary depending on time of year and current membership.  Members must remain active to receive their critique date.  The SFWW does not limit the word count of a submission, but longer submissions generally receive fewer critiques.  Most submissions are between 2,000-10,000 words, though some as long as 17,000 have been submitted in the past.  Sample novel chapters should include a very brief synopsis of the novel.

Most of what happens in the SFWW is handled via email.  Participation in the email listserv is by request only. Emails to the group will include "SFWW" in the Subject line to let other members know that the email is relevant. Critiques, story submissions, good reference materials for SF writers, SF contests, convention information, and similar subjects are relevant to the SFWW.  Business "opportunities," Internet rumors, or anything that could be considered spam are not.  Use of the SFWW mailing list for spam is grounds for removal from the mailing list and reporting to the appropriate ISP provider.

In addition to email-based critiques, SFWW members may join our:

  • weekly chats to discuss members' stories and writing topics
  • message board, called the SFWWforum, where members can post questions and answers, alert others to events and information and carry on thoughtful discussion with the other members
  • wiki for collaborative projects.

To join, begin by signing for an account with the site. We will send you the full Terms of Agreement for SFWW and instructions for application to the critique group when your account is activated.