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Well Nanowrimo is over and I've recovered. Now comes the time to reflect on what I did and didn't do and how all that can help me (and others) in the future. I did learn some stuff. I learned the value (to me) of novel writing software. For the last severnal years I've written shorts and they have gotten shorter. Maybe they followed my memory. But in any case if I'm to write a novel in the future I will need something, software or a good note system to keep track of all that is happening in the novel that is not happening right now.

I learned that I prefer shorts (maybe). Most novels I read seem to go on and on about the most trivial of things. Plus they often have so many characters that I can never keep track of who is who. See memory comment above. I am not a character person, I'm into the ideas and events that are happening. Usually they can be summed up in a short story.

I learned that I'm a night writer. Lots of writers and writing books say to get up early and put in a few hours writing before the rest of the day starts. That does not work for me. My body is up and moving (not under much control) long before my mind is capable of coherent thought.

Now to get back to productive work. Nano put a big speed bump in my short writing momentum. I do have to decide if I will continue with the book I started for it (based on a short of mine) or to got back to a previous novel attempt or to go back to shorts. Time will tell.


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Congrats on your W1S1 success