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I'd go with alternative 1. Though it was probably a Lucas-ism, because he has those every now and then, doesn't he? ;)


And seeing as you'll have no idea who left the comment if i just up and away: Hi from Sam (Izz over at AbsoluteWrite). It's Saturday morning, and i thought i'd take a peek at the blogs of those other craZy writers who've signed up for Write1Sub1. Hope all is going well.



Today I read a blog where they dissed the Star Wars movie for the line by Solo, "You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon? It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs." I'll agree that it was probably an error by someone who didn't know that a parsec is a distance measurement not a time one. It's usually easy to pick these technical faux pas and when I was young I delighted in doing that.

These days I know that don't know it all and instead I try to figure out as many alternatives as I can. So let's see what I can do:

1) Hans found a shortcut. Maybe the Kessel Run is normally 20 parsecs because of asteroids or the like. Navigation is not only about speed but also distance.

2) Parsecs is short for paraseconds. Paraseconds is the time measure in hyperspace.

3) Parsecs is an energy measure and he's bragging about his "MPG" in hyperspace.

4) Hans is bragging about his courage and confidence in his ship. To make the run in 12 parsecs means getting close to a black hole or other hazard.

So when I write something stupid please be kind. I may be smarter than you think.