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This is a place for me to document my attempts to write on a regular basis this coming year (2011). This is not a place to log negative vibes but a place to help me change from a wannabe writer to become a real one.

To accomplish this I will sign up for the write1sub1 challenge. It's at:

The details of this are that:
1) I will do the once a month version. Face it, that is a big jump up from what I'm doing now.
2) I will sub to paying markets. If it's good then why not get paid for it.
3) At least half the stories will be newly started this year. Some may be highly rewritten from first drafts done in the past.
4) I see this as a year project so I'm not going to sweat it too much if I'm a bit late one month.

I will also comment on other aspects of writing, such as what I've been reading, what problems I'm having, ideas I'm working on and such.

If for some reason you want to subscribe to this blog you need to use the URL: http://sfwritersworkshop.org/blog/14


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Welcome to Write1Sub1! It's

Welcome to Write1Sub1! It's sure to be a great year of writing for us all.

That's right, make it work

That's right, make it work for you. Good luck with the writing and rewriting (I have a few of those myself).