New version of chat software

I uploaded a newer version of the PHPOpenChat software. This is 3.0 beta 8, we had 3.0 beta 5.

They added the following features:

* Template class improved to make it easier to build up new template-sets.
* rdf news feed containing all chatters currently online and the last fifty 'spoken' lines of all channels.
* 'watch-server' so that chatters can spy a channel before they login.
* chat history to make it possible to show the last lines of a channel when a user login or changes the channel.

The chat history is nice. When you join, you get the last 50 lines of the chat so you can jump right into the conversation.

They also added a new template, which changes the input screen around. I like the colors in "water" better but the horde of new smileys are cool. It you want to try it out, click on Configure then select "hhc_gt".

Alas, they still haven't gotten chat logging into this version, so we will still have to copy and paste if we want to save a chat session.