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Since SFWW now has it's own chat room should we use that for all chats? That way non AOL members can participate in both chats per month.


Keep the AOL one because it can attract new members.

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AOL vs Internet

I've had this same thought many times over the years (being a nonAOL member), and have asked Elizabeth and Anneliese about it. There response is this: SFWW was originally an AOL group, and to maintain its presence within AOL, at least one chat a month must be held at the AOL site. That's what I've gotten from this question. It's a sticky issue as AOL certainly can provide a resource for new members, but also includes about half the group from a group gathering. Right now, it's our only resource with our webpage pretty much extinct. I think, after much thought, I'm for doing a way with AOL, but I think I'd be in the minority.


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