The Dresden Files a series by Jim Butcher

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So far I've read the first three books in the series, a graphic novel, and a novella set in the same universe.  I suppose that says a lot about what I think of the writing.  I found the novella in the new books section of the library, read it, liked Butcher's style so started the series.  I'm getting book four in a few days.

If another author has thrown more obstacles at his protag I haven't read it.  Every page is a new problem for Harry, often of his own making.  So if you want an example of how to do that read one of these.

The second thing Butcher does well is writing a series.  There are a few continuing characters but others come and go.  The stories do conclude with each novel (so far) but there are unanswered questions to keep you coming back. 

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I've now read the first seven

I've now read the first seven books in the series.  It is getting a bit repetitious.  Harry is advancing in his life and he now has a dog.  But it is slow advancement and I'm taking a bit of a break before returning to the series.  I do like the way Butcher handles a series, secondary characters come and go so you never know if someone is going to be killed or not. 


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