Here's my Ranger Barf Story:

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During a hike, super-clever Ranger Chris sent his group (only 5 people) on ahead and feigned a radio call. Then I knelt down, turned around, as if examining a tree stump, and puked into the snow. Just a tad. Thought I had it made... Just a little came up, so I turned around ready to charge after the group, but wait, there's more. The second blast was bigger and noisier, but the group was pretty far ahead of me by that time. I buried the evidence of each blast with lots of snow. After the second event, I felt pretty good, about 90% better and hurried to catch the group. I made apologies about the "radio call" and promptly started talking about the landscape. It was seemless. Disaster averted. Thankfully I made it through the rest of the hike. As I drove home, I had to stop every few minutes, because the car ride made me feel worse and worse... But I got home and made a beeline for the bathroom, and wouldn't you know, as I flush my stomach contents (all of it), the damn toilet plugs up! Damn my wife's preschool kids and their large bowel movements. Plunging vomit after having just vomited is not cool!

And that's my ranger barf story. I never need to experience it again. Good night and good luck.