Writers of the Future - Volume XXIII

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For those who don't know this is an anthology of the winners of the past years quarterly winners. It is free to enter and the author has to not have been professionally published. Check the web site - http://www.writersofthefuture.com/ for more details. On to the review.

It is not a bad collection, I read almost all the stories (I skipped one). A few ended before I understood what was happening but I did finish most of them. A few were good. I liked about half which is a good hit rate for me.

There are also a couple of pieces on writing and I can use any help in that area I can get. Probably the best use of the book is to show you what type of story the contest likes. If you are going to enter the contest, and why not it is free, you need to know what the judges like.

Dave K

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