Changing your forum theme, and Avatars

One person had a problem with the new forum theme, Chronicles. So I changed the configuration so now you can use any loaded theme.

That could mean for some people, your theme will switch back to subSilver (the default white and blue one), because that was the only theme we had when you created your login, and it was stored as your preference.

Here is how to change your theme (Board Style) preference:

(1) We have 3 themes loaded: subSilver (the default), Chronicles, and SpacePilot3k. The default for new users is Chronicles.

(2) Log in, and click on the Profile text near the top (it's the leftmost hyperlink on the second row of hyperlinks).

(3) Go down near the bottom where it says "Board Style" (it's in the third section Preferences, and the third selection from the bottom).

(4) Click on the drop down box and select the Board Style you like best. Then go to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

Chronicles is a fancy fantasy based theme: the background is oak wood, the articles have a background of parchment, and the text is black.

SpacePilot3k is a cool space (duh) based theme: it uses a dark starry background. The downside is our rank icons fit more of a fantasy theme. These are little icons that appear under your name as you post more articles. Not a big deal, really, but it kinda clashes. Eye-wink

Here is something else to try:

While you are on the Preferences page, note that at the bottom there is a section called Avatar Control Panel. An Avatar is a small picture that appears beside all of your posts, to personalize them. You can post a wee picture of yourself (but where's the fun in that?) or something else that says "you".

You can see there are four ways to select an Avatar. The easiest is the first one, Upload Avatar From Your Machine. Just click the "Choose" button and find a picture on your computer that you want to use. Note the size restrictions listed above this button. (The next two avatar choices use pictures from the internet, and the last is to choose an avatar from the gallery on the website, but I haven't set that up yet.)