Chat log for May 22, 2006

[22/05 20:52] Hello
[22/05 21:02] *** acmfox has joined the chatbox
[22/05 21:02] Hi Dave!
[22/05 21:02] Hi Anneliese
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[22/05 21:02] Hi CM!
[22/05 21:02] Evening all
[22/05 21:03] Hi Chris
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[22/05 21:03] Jana posted a bunch of things on the GenE site
[22/05 21:04] Phew
[22/05 21:04] Hi Roy!
[22/05 21:04] Hi Roy
[22/05 21:04] I have to go look!
[22/05 21:04] Hi Roy!
[22/05 21:04] for a minute their I didn't think I was going to find my way in
[22/05 21:05] it's a little tricky finding the chatroom...
[22/05 21:05] Hi, Gang
[22/05 21:05] Glad you brought that up. I always spend several minutes finding thelink to the chat room
[22/05 21:06] OK, guys, I'm getting the hint. Where do you want me to move the chat link to?
[22/05 21:06] My living room?
[22/05 21:06] LOL!
[22/05 21:06] lol
[22/05 21:07] a little closer to the top would help make it easieer to see
[22/05 21:07] -e
[22/05 21:08] It's confusing because of the chat link right near the top of the lefthand sidebar
[22/05 21:08] Since I can't describe the current layout 'm a bit at a losso say asomething
[22/05 21:08] You click on it, but it doesn't take you to the chat plcae
[22/05 21:08] Anyone working on a gen ship story?
[22/05 21:08] We should probably get rid of that other link *Online Chats*
[22/05 21:08] (the link that says "online chats"
[22/05 21:09] Or call it something else.
[22/05 21:09] that link would be ok if it led to the chat
[22/05 21:09] I've been thinking of one, but nothing committed to the word processor yet.
[22/05 21:09] (a GenE story)
[22/05 21:09] Roy, not at the moment. I had my yearly output on the GenE project the month before you joined.
[22/05 21:10] I think the plan that you have to log in first then the link shows up. But that doesn't seem to work.
[22/05 21:10] What does GenE mean?
[22/05 21:10] short for: Generation Evolution
[22/05 21:10] Tother thing that really torques me about the site is that it has horizontal scrolling. YECH
[22/05 21:10] Yes, Dave, that is the plan, because otherwise we seem to get lots of unregistered *guests* crashing the chat page.
[22/05 21:10] I suppose it also is gene, by darned if I never even noticed that! Geez I'm an idiot sometimes
[22/05 21:11] would be nice to have all appropriate links at hand right after login
[22/05 21:11] Gag! Horizontal scrolling????? I didn't mean for that to happen!
[22/05 21:12] I bet I can prod Dave into writing a GenE story, can't I? :smt064
[22/05 21:12] You've got such good ideas, Dave!
[22/05 21:12] Right now I'm logged in but it doesn't show that I'm in.
[22/05 21:12] You might need this :smt079
[22/05 21:13] I see that you're logged in.
[22/05 21:13] Perhaps you need to refresh the page?
[22/05 21:13] I keep waiting for the blue guy to blow up and kill the yellow guy
[22/05 21:13] Prod all you want, I'm just not finding the time or energy to write
[22/05 21:14] I see your name up there, Dave
[22/05 21:14] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[22/05 21:14] Now I get the login menu
[22/05 21:14] hi, sorry I'm late.
[22/05 21:14] HI Elizabeth
[22/05 21:14] Yeah, I can't berate you too much, Dave, I know how it goes. The last thing you want to do after work is rack your brains for story writing.
[22/05 21:14] Hi Elizabeth!
[22/05 21:15] I did no writing today either, but I sure got a lot of work done in my garden
[22/05 21:15] lol Roy!
[22/05 21:15] Roy, did your question imply that you are writing sometihg? Eye-wink
[22/05 21:15] Hi Elizabeth
[22/05 21:15] Didn't write or garden today. But I did take the dog on a nice long walk. Smiling
[22/05 21:15] Everyone is invited to a watermelon feed in August
[22/05 21:15] We're just berating one another for not writing! It's a great group, really.
[22/05 21:15] All I did today was chase around broken shopping carts and bad mySQL installs.
[22/05 21:16] Watermellon! Yum!
[22/05 21:16] My people are going to steal a city for making the Gen ship trip
[22/05 21:16] Am I back?
[22/05 21:16] That sounds interesting.
[22/05 21:16] So, instead of berating...should we talk about your story, CM?
[22/05 21:16] Yes, Dave == I see you
[22/05 21:17] Did you leave, Dave?
[22/05 21:17] I wonder if a criminally-minded group could take over a space station or some floating piece of space junk and convert it...
[22/05 21:17] If I was still tromping around NE, I'd zoom on over. Anything for the hint of free food, even if it means spending more on gas to get there than it would to by the watermelon somewher closer.
[22/05 21:17] sorry about the mySQL. Nobody deserves that.
[22/05 21:17] where are you, Roy?
[22/05 21:17] I loged out of the web page, so the chat said I was not authorized. I logged in and found the chat link then I was back
[22/05 21:18] Anneliese, feel free to talk about my story. I'll listen Smiling
[22/05 21:18] My "criminal" is the CEO of the company that built the city
[22/05 21:18] I love it, Roy.
[22/05 21:18] Takes too long to steal and convert. More resonable to steal a completed or nearly completed ship
[22/05 21:18] I'll talk about your story, too, CM, if you'd like.
[22/05 21:19] To the Cave
[22/05 21:19] Bat Cave ?
[22/05 21:20] Thats one spooky cave.
[22/05 21:20] I still don't like the victims becoming the bad guys
[22/05 21:20] Feel free to chatter away, unless you'd like some intro rambling from mwah.
[22/05 21:20] Neither do I. I can see them attacking the cavers, or grabbing onto the cavers, in a desperate attempt to get out themselves...
[22/05 21:21] Who took the very first victim?
[22/05 21:21] which could be even spookier, in a way.
[22/05 21:21] Why?
[22/05 21:21] I wanted to see the force that is really behind the soul-napping.
[22/05 21:21] Perhaps the cavers hear a little girl crying, or a wounded man, and rush to their aid...
[22/05 21:21] That would match up with the first scene better.
[22/05 21:22] In the room that hides?
[22/05 21:22] and then the little girl or Confederate soldier is so desperate to get out, clinging so hard, that they end up wounding one of the cavers.
[22/05 21:22] Why do you want to see "the force" Anneliese?
[22/05 21:23] Or the cave's victims rush the cavers en masse, trying to force these strangers to show them the way out.
[22/05 21:23] *** Jana has joined the chatbox
[22/05 21:23] or maybe they think they can escape by "possessing" someone?
[22/05 21:23] Roy: "in the room that hides"? --I'm confused, not sure what we're talking about.
[22/05 21:23] It's not that I want to *see* it, so much as experience a bit more of what is behind the mystery.
[22/05 21:23] Maybe they think that they can trade--if a new victim stays in the cave, perhaps they, or one of their friends, can finally get out.
[22/05 21:23] Hi Jana!
[22/05 21:24] That huge room that showed up
[22/05 21:24] hi Jana!
[22/05 21:24] Hi hi hi! Ack I almost forgot again!
[22/05 21:24] Hi Jana
[22/05 21:24] That's not a bad idea, having these "ghosts" want out, not attack them. Hmmm
[22/05 21:24] Hi Jana
[22/05 21:24] never been there before
[22/05 21:24] The one that none of the cavers, even the one who's owned the property for years, has never seen, and can't find on a map.
[22/05 21:24] Yeah, that one
[22/05 21:24] If I'd been stuck in a cave that long, I'd do *anything* to get out.
[22/05 21:25] We're discussing CM's sub.
[22/05 21:25] oops, has ever seen.
[22/05 21:25] Ah okay
[22/05 21:25] I don't think I've seen that one!
[22/05 21:25] or maybe the "victims" become victims because they "taste" like outside.
[22/05 21:26] Wilson's Folly
[22/05 21:26] Jana -- the reason you haven't seen the room is because you aren't a victim
[22/05 21:26] yet
[22/05 21:27] lol!
[22/05 21:27] Wilson's Fear?
[22/05 21:27] Maybe whatever's behind the disappearances wants out too. But it can't figure the outside out.
[22/05 21:27] So it keeps luring in outsiders, trying to unlock its own cage.
[22/05 21:28] Trying to figure out what makes these creatures tick.
[22/05 21:28] Yet?
[22/05 21:28] yet
[22/05 21:28] Why does it deposit trash in the first chamber?
[22/05 21:28] your turn is coming
[22/05 21:28] Okay so is this some sort of suprise ambush ongoing story?
[22/05 21:29] Oh goody
[22/05 21:29] So how would you end this thing? What would be the climax and what would be Rich's last action?
[22/05 21:30] Anneliese, to answer that, the cave is confusing them, that's all at the moment.
[22/05 21:30] Perhaps they missed it, perhaps not--I don't really know--it just clicks in Rich's mind because he found that confederate bill as a kid.
[22/05 21:31] In your mind, is it the cave, or an entity within the cave that is responsible?
[22/05 21:31] What if his final action is to go back into the cave, without telling anybody, determined to make a bargain with the cave?
[22/05 21:31] Caves are generally kind of confusing in general, especially if your claustrophobic to any extent. *holding up hand*
[22/05 21:31] cave
[22/05 21:31] Offer himself in exchange for his buddies?
[22/05 21:31] Maybe Rich goes to the cave with the intent of destroying the evil as the end
[22/05 21:31] That is, if there really is something supernatural about this cave.
[22/05 21:31] Caves are also an entity unto themselves. Makes sense to me to have to strike a bargain with one.
[22/05 21:32] Or perhaps he snaps and goes into the cave because of that.
[22/05 21:32] Jana, fyi,"Wilson's Folly" is about a cave and a real set of "cavers", not the schlock you see on TV or in the movies (as many here know, I'm an avid caver myself, exploring and mapping them)
[22/05 21:33] BTW, I really liked the finding of the Confederate bill, and then the PowerBar wrapper. It's like leaving a trail of crackers for the critter you want to catch.
[22/05 21:33] In RL there is a cave by that name.
[22/05 21:33] Or maybe he figures out that shutting down the cave for 6 months is all that's needed
[22/05 21:33] The cave is "alive" is some sense of the word and causes hardcore cavers to experience something crazy.
[22/05 21:33] I've been quite because I'm trying to figure out the story. Now I realize that it is fantasey, so there are no rules.
[22/05 21:33] then the cycle will be over
[22/05 21:34] Which means, Chris, you can do whatever you want.
[22/05 21:34] What's RL?
[22/05 21:34] Or what if the story ends with Rick desperately trying to bar the cave entrance with anything he can find?
[22/05 21:34] *nodding* Certain caves do have that affect on people
[22/05 21:34] rl means real life
[22/05 21:34] And the jerkwad Ozark sheriff finding Rick and thinking he's gone around the bend?
[22/05 21:34] Yep, Dave, it's fantasy, no rules, but any ideas what you would do?
[22/05 21:35] (jerkwad, great word)
[22/05 21:35] Maybe Rick sends the "Ozark Sheriff" into the cave?
[22/05 21:36] pssst....if it were me, I'd put up a heavy steel door sealing the entrance. And lock it tight...even cement the hinges in. So no one could ever go in there again.
[22/05 21:36] *LOL* jerkwad is a real word here in Missouri
[22/05 21:36] I'd like to set charges and implode the cave.
[22/05 21:36] Yeah, I thought about sealing off the cave, bricks, bars, whatever, but that seemed so expected, so contrived, so I've stayed away from it so far
[22/05 21:36] It's only "bad" for a few months every 60 years, right?
[22/05 21:37] Make a huge sinkhole.
[22/05 21:37] I'm confused by the end, the time gap, the loss of memory
[22/05 21:37] Ah, that's right, Jana, you're in Missouri. That's were Wilson's Folly takes place.
[22/05 21:37] Yes, Roy, that's the idea, like a lifecycle hibernating type of thing. The Cave gets what it wants, then goes to sleep for 60 years
[22/05 21:37] Maybe he tries to smoke it out with firewood and a couple of propane tanks. Something that would get the sheriff after him. Smiling
[22/05 21:37] Oh hey! why not just inside the entrace of it...say about 50 feet in have a deep hole barring the way with a sign "Abandon hope all ye who enter here"
[22/05 21:38] What confuses you, Dave?
[22/05 21:38] Maybe he could find that extra room and blow the ceiling down to turn it into a hole in the ground?
[22/05 21:38] uh oh...we're on the same wavelength.
[22/05 21:38] Eeep sounds like a cave system down near Joplin, reputed to be haunted. no one dares go in without several others along. Groups of 10 at least
[22/05 21:39] I don't think I could bring myself to destroy the cave--just not in my blood--they're too easily destroyed as it is now.
[22/05 21:39] Hasn't that "Abandon hope," etc been used?
[22/05 21:39] They're i the cave, then abreak and he's lost two years, doesn't know who is dead. How did that happen
[22/05 21:39] Exorcise it?
[22/05 21:39] Thusly hole in ground with ominous sign, so once they get past the heavy door it should pretty much indicate going in is NOT a good idea!
[22/05 21:40] Ooooh. I have another idea, but it's kind of nasty.
[22/05 21:40] It sounds to me that folks what Rich to have SOME kind of last act against the cave, some small victory.
[22/05 21:40] Exorcise a cave? *giggle* no amount of holy water and sage bundle could cover that much ground!
[22/05 21:40] Send a priest in with a bucket of holy water
[22/05 21:40] Maybe Rick decides to bring the rest of his caving buddies along, to get the cave to, maybe, sleep a little longer.
[22/05 21:40] Hmm, Dave, never meant two years to pass, only two days.
[22/05 21:40] Biiiiig bucket of holy water!
[22/05 21:40] I think there has to be some reason that Rick makes it out, something that separates him from his buds.
[22/05 21:41] And they foil him at the last minute, deciding that he's gone completely nuts.
[22/05 21:41] Have Rich buy a construction company, and whenever he has unused concrete he dums it in the cave.
[22/05 21:41] A priest in kneepads? (clamping my tongue shut on that one)
[22/05 21:41] *giggle*
[22/05 21:41] He's got to find some way to propitiate the cave.
[22/05 21:41] Sealing it up tight would force it to sleep
[22/05 21:41] or give everyone a water pistol full of holy water so they can protect themselves
[22/05 21:41] lol!
[22/05 21:42] I do want Rick to have some small victory. Even a Pyrrhic one.
[22/05 21:42] There are Native American ways to ask for forgiveness. Acknowledge that it's alive and vow to protect it's space by sealing it up.
[22/05 21:42] As I said, I was confused. I'll have to read it again carefully.
[22/05 21:42] rolling and laughing
[22/05 21:43] I was confused also. I couldn't reconcile the second rescue. Did it happen or not?
[22/05 21:43] Hmmm. I like the idea of some kind of Native American way to ask for forgiveness.
[22/05 21:44] Dave, don't spend too much time--I'm definately changing the whole weird ending. There will be no weird time transitions. People won't randomly disappear or be dead--that's too confusing I've found and it takes away from the confusion inside the cave which is the most important.
[22/05 21:44] *jumping up and down* I know of several native methods and pagan methods
[22/05 21:44] Or some way to release the spirits trapped within--including the one that lured the humans in the first place.
[22/05 21:44] The cave needs to ask for forgiveness -- IMHO
[22/05 21:44] If the hero asks for forgiveness of all those that violated it's space, maybe it would give him the ones still alive and release the trapped spirits
[22/05 21:44] Anneliese, that was partly the idea. In my mind, of course the second rescue happened. I'm on Rich's side, the all others are not.
[22/05 21:45] I do like the idea of Rick questioning his own sanity, especially in the mystery room as his friends are disappearing.
[22/05 21:45] No no no....the cave was just defending itself
[22/05 21:45] defending itself against what?
[22/05 21:46] visitors?
[22/05 21:46] Against those that violated it's space
[22/05 21:46] One should always ask for permission from the cave, to enter within. Not many think of that
[22/05 21:46] Hmm.. THat might work. Something like Rich decides not to go in there again, thus losing his caving legs,
[22/05 21:46] It seemed to me that the second rescue should have occurred. I'm not sure making it seem otherwise is necessary.
[22/05 21:46] because he feels the cave was defening itself? Hmmm.
[22/05 21:47] Exactly
[22/05 21:47] Jana -- you right and I bet very few people ask permission of a tree before walking under it
[22/05 21:47] I think Rick losing his ability to cave is fitting. Part of the sacrifice necessary.
[22/05 21:47] I agree, Anneliese. Otherwise, I've created too much confusing. The cave and setting need to create the mystery and confusion, not strange time jumps or questioning whether an event happened.
[22/05 21:47] Fitting sacrifice
[22/05 21:47] Or part of what he left behind in the mystery room.
[22/05 21:47] Just coming to the realization that caves (all of them) are themselves spiritual entities, could be a pretty shocking realization.
[22/05 21:47] Definately agree, Elizabeth.
[22/05 21:48] Now you got it
[22/05 21:48] Do we have a story to crit for next week?
[22/05 21:48] He gets his friends out, but he can no longer bring himself to go into a cave again.
[22/05 21:49] Roy I always ask trees permission or at least apologize
[22/05 21:49] Which would be a considerable sacrifice for him. All of his social network is related to caving.
[22/05 21:49] Jana -- You are one rare individual
[22/05 21:49] I agree...
[22/05 21:49] Or his friends become part of that magnificant flow stone.
[22/05 21:50] Perhaps he loses his will to go caving, but in return he gains the desire to protect the delicate ecological structure of caves by advocating people not going into them
[22/05 21:50] but how would Rich come to that decision? How would he realize his "violation" is part of the cause of this?
[22/05 21:50] *smile* I'm something....
[22/05 21:50] And every time he passes Wilson's Folly, he's struck by two things: an overpowering fear and the devout wish that the cave be satisfied, that it take no more victims.
[22/05 21:50] What good is a cave if you can't spelunk it?
[22/05 21:50] An epiphany that the cave shows him in vivid pictures
[22/05 21:50] Maybe it's a bargain that he strikes with the cave in order to get his friends out.
[22/05 21:50] However, this takes away from the cave being just evil. Nothing but a consciousness of evil dedicated to itself.
[22/05 21:51] Roy, you sound like one of us!
[22/05 21:51] How would you feel if after millions of years on working on gorgeous structures and nurturing cave life...some human comes along and goes tearing through you?
[22/05 21:52] I think of the cave in this draft as more of a lies dormant, then goes looking for food.
[22/05 21:52] I can't see turning a killer and soul eater into a good guy
[22/05 21:52] It's clever enough to lure these little creatures in and trap them.
[22/05 21:52] Maybe the cave rejects him. He did something as a boy and he is not worthy of being assimilated by the cave. Different story but interesting
[22/05 21:52] Some caves want to show off their creations... others are more interested in gaining other *things*
[22/05 21:52] Good caves, bad caves
[22/05 21:52] No but the man can at least show some respect for it.
[22/05 21:52] You can't convert a can only learn to avoid it.
[22/05 21:52] Sometimes good caves turn bad when they're exploited
[22/05 21:53] Show it sufficient respect that it doesn't turn on you.
[22/05 21:53] You just have to keep the predator fed.
[22/05 21:53] Or feed your friends to it before you visit
[22/05 21:53] lol roy!
[22/05 21:53] I think the notion that this cave is a predator is a good one to exploit.
[22/05 21:53] There are two types of people who go undergound: "spelunkers" are considered inexperienced lugheads who destroy the fragile environment and go "spelunk" when they fall down a pit. "Cavers" tend to be concerened with protecting the resource, leave nothing but footprints, survey, map, document species, but they don't go into a cave without a reason.
[22/05 21:53] Hey there's areas of forests etc that I will studiously avoid as it feels like a predator. Show respect by not trespassing on their territory and everything is cool
[22/05 21:53] would a jerkwad Ozark sheriff be sufficient chow for the cave? Or would he give it indigestion?
[22/05 21:53] some terminology for you. (I'm done with that now)
[22/05 21:54] Yes, elizabeth, going back to something earlier, a predator, that's what I had in mind
[22/05 21:54] *LOL* Maybe that jerkwad is what the cave wants. Could be a descendent of those who first violated its space
[22/05 21:54] My impression was that these cavers are doing their best to protect their environment.
[22/05 21:54] EH == let's try it and find out
[22/05 21:55] jerkwad Sherif, very sterotypical
[22/05 21:55] Let the Sheriff go "spelunk" and the cave settles down
[22/05 21:55] If the cave's a predator, the question for Rick is, how does he keep it from feeding on his friends? Or other innocent people?
[22/05 21:55] We have a jerkwad deputy in Otoe county
[22/05 21:55] Unfortunately not all caves would see it as the people trying to protect it. If humans would just show respect it would be cool
[22/05 21:56] Of course, if Rich *trades* the sheriff for his buds, that would leave him feeling a bit conflicted after it all, too.
[22/05 21:56] Hmm, not a bad idea. I've easily set-up a means to "sacrifice" the sheriif".. Just bring him along in the cave with Rich et all in that final scene--he does something stupid and destructive, and whamo, he's the cave food
[22/05 21:56] Easy....seal it up...with the sign warning them in a subtle way what might happen to them if they trespass
[22/05 21:56] waves his gun and threatens kids while breaking up parties
[22/05 21:56] cave fodder....hey new term!
[22/05 21:57] What kind of warnings would you post that could keep immortal teens away?
[22/05 21:57] We have an entire department of jerkwads for deputies here in Cass County. Sheriff is the same way
[22/05 21:57] cave fodder is what we call gungho but inexperienced cavers
[22/05 21:57] "Abandon hope all ye who enter here"
[22/05 21:57] lol!
[22/05 21:57] And a cave with this kind of hunger is going to find another entrance.
[22/05 21:57] Lasciate agni speranza, voi che catrate.
[22/05 21:57] ENter here and your sex organs fall off.
[22/05 21:57] Jana, Cass county Nebraska?
[22/05 21:57] it chews you up and spits you out, leaving you aching and bruised for days
[22/05 21:57] Can I be cave fodder?
[22/05 21:58] Tempted to put that as the no trespassing sign for my property
[22/05 21:58] Cass County, Missouri.
[22/05 21:58] True, most teenagers think they're bulletproof.
[22/05 21:58] How about cave mulch?
[22/05 21:58] I'm in Nebraska
[22/05 21:58] Then the hero should make it his quest to find all entrances and seal them up
[22/05 21:59] Yeah, I think I could now see Rich seeling off access to the cave, and the rest of the cavers are pissed! They don't understand why he is doing it.,
[22/05 21:59] Cave mulch... I like that!
[22/05 21:59] Where is Cass county Mo?
[22/05 21:59] South of Jackson County, Missouri
[22/05 21:59] Next county actually
[22/05 21:59] Helps me not
[22/05 21:59] Anneliese, please make sure to save this chat as usual. It's giving me some good ideas
[22/05 21:59] cave mulch....chomp chomp chomp...chew....burp
[22/05 22:00] East or West?
[22/05 22:00] Another ending note: since this feeding cycle is 60 years, Rich will be dead and gone by the next one... Can he do anything to protect?
[22/05 22:00] Okay you know where Kansas City is?
[22/05 22:00] Will do, CM.
[22/05 22:00] Do we have a story for next week?
[22/05 22:00] Pass the legacy on to a faithful person....passing the keys so to speak
[22/05 22:00] That I know -- 200 miles from here
[22/05 22:01] Sort of like the monks on Fifth Element.
[22/05 22:01] I don't think so, Roy. I keep meaning to send Elizabeth more Chrysalis chapters, but I've been distracted.
[22/05 22:01] Anneliese, my thought is: there's not much Rich can do. Perhaps that's part of the unresolved mystery, Rich coming to terms with the fact he can't change things after he's gone.
[22/05 22:01] Well Cass County is the next county down from KC, which is in Jackson County
[22/05 22:01] Hey I like that ending!
[22/05 22:01] got it
[22/05 22:02] Rich can realize that life goes full circle, and someone else will have to learn the secret and continue his legacy of protecting
[22/05 22:02] I live in redneck country
[22/05 22:02] I'll have to play with it. This is good though. I've got some solid leads to fix the ending--I did not have that after the last time I submitted this way back when so little of the ending got changed.
[22/05 22:02] Except to try and convince some of his fellow cavers that Wilson's Folly is best left alone.
[22/05 22:03] Which might lead some of them to question his judgment. Wonder if he lost it in the cave and didn't quite recover.
[22/05 22:03] Which is sort of what those monks did on the movie Fifth Element. They protected that distant temple way out in the desert....letting people know it was best left alone
[22/05 22:03] I keep thrashing on my Gen E story, but can't get the friggin' thing to move.
[22/05 22:03] Thanks for all the feedback.
[22/05 22:03] Happy to help
[22/05 22:04] A lively discussion tonight!
[22/05 22:04] Elizabeth, maybe you need to write it while trapped in an asteroid floating through space..
[22/05 22:04] Isn't Gen E about the ship?
[22/05 22:04] you know, write about what you know
[22/05 22:04] EH -- I should have mine done next week -- maybe it will help you
[22/05 22:05] Roy, if the queue's empty and you've got something in a little bit, I'd say send it along, if that's okay with everyone else.
[22/05 22:05] I'm now actively working on Chapter 18 of my book and not happy with the opening paragraphs so I know how you feel
[22/05 22:05] Your time and feedback has been worth many, many critiques.
[22/05 22:05] I have a harvest story that could stand a crit session
[22/05 22:06] Anneliese, any comments on the purge, or new members?
[22/05 22:06] I need to be trapped somewhere with no phones, no e-mail, and full-time child care. Then I might have a shot.
[22/05 22:06] Dave, good luck with work. Save a little time for yourself to write. Please?
[22/05 22:06] Non lately.
[22/05 22:06] if you've got a story, Roy, send it!
[22/05 22:07] That's called Haevean, Elizabeth, or maybe Hell. Hmmm..
[22/05 22:07] will do
[22/05 22:07] Or maybe Wilson's Folly...
[22/05 22:07] Turn off the phones for an hour a day, turn off the computer for that hour....write after the kids are in bed
[22/05 22:07] Thanks again, everyone, much appreciated. Have a good evening and week.
[22/05 22:07] send it to Annaliese?
[22/05 22:07] You're welcome!
[22/05 22:08] Nighters everyone. Great chat tonight!
[22/05 22:08] I'm glad I actually got here in almost time
[22/05 22:08] yeah, great chat! Good night everybody!
[22/05 22:08] G'Night
[22/05 22:08] Night
[22/05 22:08] Send subs to Elizabeth.
[22/05 22:08] Bye
[22/05 22:09] You'll get into the rhythm, Jana! Smiling
[22/05 22:09] *** camidon has left the chatbox
[22/05 22:09] *grin*
[22/05 22:09] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[22/05 22:09] Well I'm off to take dogs outside, and get to my email.
[22/05 22:09] Keep writing!

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