Seven Point Plot

Okay, recipe for the seven point plot:

1. A character

2. In a setting

3. With a problem

4. Character must TRY to solve problem

5. Must FAIL (and the result is THINGS GET WORSE)

6. Climax--the conclusion of the try/fail cycles. The tsunami of all the smaller squalls. Character either fails miserably (tragedy) or succeeds wonderfully (comedy).

7. Validation. This is the line in old fairy tales "And they all lived happily (or miserably) ever after." One of the best examples of a validation scene is in STAR WARS where Han and Luke get medals pinned to their chests at the end of the movie for saving the Federation. Life goes on, and hopefully the character is wiser for the experience.

AJ Budrys says you need to run three try/fails before the climax. He also has a lot more to say on the subject, and has a great book called WRITING TO THE POINT.

A link to three variations is at

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