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Here I am again, rambling along about Jeff Noon, and I will continue to do so until someone in this group actually reads his work. He's the most visionary new scifi/fantasty writer I've ever read. His style is all his own, and his stories never have a dull moment. Even people that have read his stuff that I've talked to and hated it, haven't been able to put the books down.

Vurt is a mix of drugs, dreams, and video games, and I'll be darned if anyone can really find a classification for his writing. It's a story about the search for a lost love that takes him deep in the doodoo of his own mind as well as the strange and fully frightening world in which the tale is set. This book has it all, shadowcops, dog people, sexual anarchy, the Game Cat, and not to mention lots and lots of Vaz.

So read his books already! I need some more opinions about Noon, or else, maybe I'm just barking up the wrong author, and if other scifi writers thinks he sucks, maybe I need to rethink my awe.
His books:
1) Vurt
2) Pollen (out of print, sadly)
3) Nymhpmation
And a few other I've not read:
4) Pixel Juice,
5) Automated Alice

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Re:Jeff Noon

Okay, okay, I'll see if I can get his books! God knows I need something to replace the drivel I'm currently reading.

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Read Jeff Noon

Read Jeff Noon. That's it. There's nothing more imaginative out there at the moment. I've finally found a copy of Pollen, which has been woefully out of print for many years already! Damn it's good. Sure, i've got nits, but it just grabs you by the dangling jewels and will not let go through all its Shadows. Will finish it fast.

Vurt is one of the few books I've read multiple times, and even now have the urge to read again. It was that good.

I've also read Automate Alice now. At first I did not want to read it because I saw this work as a rip-off of Alice in Wonderland, but once I picked it up, I was hooked. His subtle references to his prior writing make you want to scream for being so good. Noon is an imaginative genius.

Read Jeff Noon. At least then I could talk about it with someone, because he is nothing but on the edge and controversial.


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