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I've been trying all sorts of magazines, as we all do, and so I submitted to Leading Edge for the sheer amusement that they provided feedback, even if it meant a longer turn around time. I was nothing but irked at the stuff I got back. Three editors read my submission, two said my submission was a good, solid story, one said it was one of her favorites. I then, of course, got a rejection, and a sentence or two from each editor about a particular character action seeming out of sorts, or this paragraph lacked focus, vague crap of no use. This was a crock. If I got those types of crits from SFWW I'd be furious. Don't tell me something is good, but not good enough, and then NOT tell me why it's not good enough.

Needless to say I was a little disappointed about their claims and subsequent responses, but nonetheless I wans't surprised.

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Re:Leading Edge

A magazine that provides crits? (er, supposedly) That seems unusual. Do they pay for submissions?

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Re:Leading Edge

Yep, they do, not much, but they do. They are considered semi-pro though, but from what I've seen, they've got good reviews. Here's the link: http://tle.clubs.byu.edu/wg.php. It's based out of BYU, so when you read some of the requirements, they make sense...


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Re:Leading Edge

Interesting. At least they provide some sort of critique, even if you didn't find it satisfactory...
I haven't submitted anything to them yet; most of my stories violate at least one of their guidelines. But they've got a good reputation, and I may just have to clean up one of my subs and shoot it over to them...

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