my good news

It's sooo quite around here. Thought I'd post this, despite the possible jinxing (touchwood), to do my bit to liven up the place. Oh and I didn't want to put it in the Trophy forum cause that definitely would be tempting the fates to spit on me.

Anyway...I've been writing a TV series with a friend back home (Australia) on and off for a while now. We've recently got it to the stage where it was fit to be seen and so he showed it to some ppl. Now it seems it [i]may[/i] have been picked up by a new cable channel.

It's all mights and maybe's and of course it's cable but hey, it's pretty damn exciting all the same!!!


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Good Luck

We'll keep our fingers crossed that you WILL be able to move this to the Trophy section sometime soon. Good Luck! (no jinxes, no jinxes)

And yes, it is quiet, but sadly, fairly typical. The group's activity is very much cyclical; moments of great activity followed by extended periods of silence.


Life is a lot like caving: Most of the time you grope around in the dark.

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Re:my good news

very nice to hear. hope everything wokrs out. as to the quietness around here, i had actually stopped checking the site because nothing new ever seems to happen. i was glad to see new posts!