Welcome SFWW members

Welcome to our private forum. Only members will be allowed access, so feel free to post whatever you want your fellow writers to see.

You can find the group rules and schedule on our website:


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love the board

The board is great. Wonderful job. Now let's hope the group uses it and we haven't just added another way in which folks can NOT communicate:)
Mike Laughing out loud

Re:Welcome SFWW members

Ditto. You've done a great job and this is a good looking message board.


Re:Welcome SFWW members

I use these types of boards all the time for my gaming groups. I am very familiar with them. Since I only have so much space to store e-mails, a message board is a better discussion medium for me.

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Re:Welcome SFWW members

This is good stuff here. Anyone who has any interest in some discussion can have a lot of fun. I can really organize some thoughts about books, story ideas, authors, and anything else SFWW related. Places like these can really get the creative juices flowing, rushing, aching, and perhaps, sometimes, even souring. Oh, I like it, I like it.

Greg, what gaming groups do you do, having dabbled in them myself? (okay, dabbled isn't the right word... How about: splurged for several yeras).

On the downside, I have to run off to work and can't really have some fun here... yet. But I'll return soon. And lets just say Jeff Noon anyone? I'll yammer about this guy until I finally get one of this group to read his first novel, Vurt.


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Re:Welcome SFWW members

I mostly dabble in Age of Mythology and Age of Kings.

To err is human. I am not human.

Re:Welcome SFWW members

As I've never used a message board, I have nothing to compare this one to. It looks okay, and simple enough for novices.

How do I get one of those smiley faces over into this box?

Re:Welcome SFWW members

Just click on them. It will insert the appropriate :code: and when you submit, the code will be replaced by the smiley. :mrgreen:

There are a *lot* of things you can do with your posts. You can use the category at the bottom "The Rest" to experiment. Of course, you don't have to use any of the snazzy features if you don't want to.

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Re:Welcome SFWW members

Hmmmmm. Doesn't look like we're getting a whole lot of action here.