Manuscript Exchanges

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One thing SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) does is full manuscript exchanges. It's hard reading a novel bit by bit through critique slots (though I'm proof it can be done!) What would it take for SFWW to start something like this? If someone wanted comments on a full novel, and someone else wanted full comments about a novel, couldn't the two interested members swap? I suppose people could arrange this on their own, but what if their was some streamlined format? We could put it on the website. Perhaps even as a selling point? We've got the WIKI, the bborad, the critiques, the chats. Lots of stuff. Why not exchanges? Perhaps we have TOO much stuff, so people have a hard time keeping up with it, but I'd argue its all about building a community. Different people find different outlets helpful, whether bboard or critiques or what have you.


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Re:Manuscript Exchanges

In the past there have been novel exchanges done privately within the group, but I can definately see a benefit to a more formal approach. Let's brainstorm about how this can/should be accomplished. I can see ways that mirror the way we do story subs (a la email coordination with announcements in the monthly update), as a message board thread, or through an area of the wiki (mainly for sign-up, coordination and perhaps, comments). Whatever mechanism is ultimately chosen, a page describing how it works would then be added to the website.

Thoughts, anyone?


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Manuscript Exchanges

My only thought would be to make sure that the hosts don't have any added duties. You two do enough all ready. So, the process should be independant of that. I think there should just be some formal guidelines on the webpage, just in case something should arise. Otherwise, I don't see why two people could not arrange it themselves? Perhaps a simple section in the bboard would be enough. "Yo, I have a full novel manuscript, anyone want to exchange?) Date and Email address

Those are my thoughts at this moment. I'll brainstrom while I'm away.


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Novel Swapping

Actually, the novel swapping idea is one I've been interested in for a while...while getting critiques from more than one person is valuable, it's extremely difficult to get a feel for the overall plot and pacing of a novel when you're sending it out one chapter at a time.

The challenge is setting up a framework where you actually read each other's work, and critique it, in a timely fashion. I don't know if we should have some sort of formal guidelines, or if we should say "work it out among yourselves, and if you really, really have a problem with the way your partner(Drunk are critiquing or how long it's taking them to get back to you, then contact us".

Might just be sloth on my part, but I'm leaning toward the second option. Cool

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