Chat log for November 29, 2004

[anneliese] Hi CM!

[camidon] Hello, Hello!

[camidon] Congratulations!

[anneliese] Same to you!

[anneliese] Of course, I'm toast now

[camidon] Thank you! I'm so glad someone else from the group was able to grind themselves to the bone and pull it out!

[anneliese] The worst was the last 500 story actually ended at around 49K

[camidon] Toast? Well, for a little while that's okay. Isn't that why this only comes once a year? Oh, but Christmas is coming too. Looks like these once a year things never end!

[anneliese] LOL

[camidon] Yeah, your pm message said that, How frustrating! So you flowered up your prose did you? <it's okay, I won't tell.>

[anneliese] No, I went back and began editing...the story is probably 95% tell, 5% show, so there's room to add/edit

[camidon] Hey, Did you know Juanita was "lurking" and thinking about hopping back into the swing of things, before I got the critique out of the blue? That was quite the pleasant surprise.

[anneliese] Spent about 6 hours coming up with the last 300 words.

[anneliese] No, I didn't know Juanita was lurking, but I was sure happy to see her jump in.

[camidon] So that means you've written a condensced 200,000 word novel, into 50,000, and now you've got the next year to inflate it, breath after agonizing breath!

[anneliese] LOL, I guess so!

[camidon] Yeah, but you got those last 300 words, that's all that matters! You have <humble> bragging rights over the group for the next year.

[anneliese] I don't know what this month did for you, but it has certainly kickstarted my writing again. It's all I want to do now!

[anneliese] I share the bragging rights with you, good sir

[camidon] That's fantastic.

[anneliese] I came home and promptly got back to editing chapter 1.

[camidon] That's strange, that post about the "humble bragging" rights didn't show up for me. Hmm.

[anneliese] hmmm...very strange.

[anneliese] seems to be a bit of a lag on the posting.

[camidon] Well, while I'm away for 7 weeks, I plan to bring 4 book manuscripts and begin the major process or hacking and slashing, and book 4 (the nano festival) certainly needs a lot of editting.

[anneliese] I admire your dedication...don't think I'd get much editing done where you're going

[camidon] Of course, I have to finish it, first! Ack, my goal of Novemeber is slipping through the cracks even in NaNo was a success. Three chapters to go.

[anneliese] You can do it!

[camidon] Well, I am driving down with three other people, and that's going to take the better part of the week, so I hope to be productive on those long, desolate, and bumpy roads in the desert, along the coast, and in the jungle.

[anneliese] You must have a strong constitution...I can't read in a car.

[camidon] As you had trouble with those last 300 words, these last 3 chapters are coming out agonizingly slow; it's not the last chapters of the book actually, I already wrote those, it's the climax with the large battle that's dragging me about, and that's not usally the case.

[anneliese] Oh, I know that problem all too well!

[camidon] Must make that connection between that battle and the end.!

[camidon] Reading in cars has never bothered me much, not on trains or things.

[anneliese] I had to give up, keep telling myself that it was ok to write drivel that might not match up, but could be fixed later.

[anneliese] I can read on trains and planes, but not cars.

[camidon] On another note, I was perusing the Wiki Site, (and gosh I'm such a fan of it, even if it's used sparingly at the moment) and I did some adds to the Write section, collaborative stories. I started a story called Fish Bigots (another NaNo procastination moment)

[anneliese] Of course, I think I might have lost a huge chunk somewhere At about 40K, I estimated that the story should be around 60K when complete.

[anneliese] Cool! I have a security patch to put in (shouldn't affect anything) and I'll look forward to seeing your entries...Still have to post the *openings* we did last month.

[camidon] You have the base, a collection of words some good, some the wrong side of awful, and that's what's important. Don't hesitate to send some to the group!

[camidon] Fish Bigots (sometimes my imagination is just so whacked) is under the MediumLengths, and I added to the Flying Story in the ShortLength section.

[anneliese] Oh, I need to send it to some guinea pigs. It's got a bunch o' problems and I need help, I think.

[camidon] Some of us are certainly avid guinea pigs.

[anneliese] Looking forward to checking out both entries. I've wanted to put another entry in EmptyKube's short, but it has me stumped.

[camidon] <sigh> Contemplating our NaNo achievement. Any NaNo regrets?

[anneliese] Not really. It was probably the best thing I could have done for has had major positive effects for me (sleep deprivation notwithstanding)

[camidon] Reading Mike's entry was next on my list. Perhaps tonight if my hero and villian don't want to battle in their shuffleboard game.

[anneliese] What about you?

[anneliese] Another great procrastination activity is to check Mike's blog from time to time.

[camidon] Yes, sleep deprivation notwithstanding. Who needs sleep. (I used it again!)

[anneliese] You're so talented with the smilies. I'm going to have to install more.

[camidon] No major ones. Nothing that I would change. Maybe if I do NaNo again, I'll try for a higher word count 75K, 90K and really push myself if I have the time (i.e., no full time job) Other then that, I wish I lived closer to some of the NaNo gigs. Living in the middle of nowhere has its downsides.

[anneliese] I have to admit...tons of NaNo gigs here...the group is planning to meet monthly now until next year...I had to stop looking at the forum and bypass the social events to write, though

[camidon] I'm planning to drive to 100 miles to Fort Collins, Co and hook up with their end of NaNo party this Friday. Some folks have even offered me their spare rooms. We writers are a strange breed, but it makes us more fun I think.

[anneliese] It should be fun, if you can do it. I think the CT wrapup party is Dec. 12. It's close by, though...Hartford.

[camidon] If you have the time, they (the one I went to) was much fun. If you ever have more time, it's always something to keep in the back of your mind! How's the LA-CONN rivavlry? Still in the lead?

[anneliese] As near as I can tell, CT blew LA out of the water. Final tallies will be posted tomorrow.

[camidon] I'll say this, the one write-in I went to was very motivational/inspirational. I didn't think it would be, but being around other people with the same crazy drive to write was so great.

[camidon] I'll have to check out the final tally.

[anneliese] Yes, I think it would be. I have always liked face-to-face writers groups...just couldn't find one that could understand me!

[camidon] Lol! Between the two of us, no wonder we've scared everyone away from this group!! <just kidding> It's coming around, I think, little by little.

[anneliese] I think it is beginning to come around. The problem I refer to is that people who have no interest in Speculative Fiction, really don't get it!

[anneliese] <I hope that we don't scare anyone too much>

[camidon] Yeah, that's very true. I recall many in person writing groups that just shook their head at me, but then there would be the people who really got it, and that made me press on. Ah, those early years.

[camidon] Imo, that's the same reason Dave K was trying to connect with other scifi writers in his area; he knows other writers, but the mindset is different.

[anneliese] Exactly. They'd ask the strangest questions. And criticize really poorly.

[anneliese] I almost think, as genre writers, a western writers group would have more common ground.

[anneliese] Even connecting with some SF writers doesn't work.

[anneliese] There has to be some sort of chemistry, I think.

[camidon] Yeah, that's not a half bad comparison. Scifi is mostly setting oriented and so is western.

[anneliese] (just looked at Fish Bigots--Great opening!)

[camidon] Here's an idea: what if we added a NaNo page to the SFWW website, something just saying what it is, and then adding a "winners" section (we can gloat a little, right?)

[anneliese] I think that is a great idea!

[camidon] You're right about the scifi impass too; even in the genre of spec fiction/scifi/fantasy/there is such a wide range of possbilites and choices and worlds. I suppose that's what brings us into the genre.

[camidon] Oh! Any word from Elizabeth about posting on the NaNowrimo forum about SFWW? Now's the time!

[anneliese] In some ways, the field has to get narrowed down...things like fantasy are beginning to have very different rules, e.g.

[anneliese] Nothing from Elizabeth.

[camidon] Fish Bigots. Makes me laugh every time I say that. I was up way too late that night. Fish bigots <laughing some more>

[anneliese] LOL It's too catchy!

[camidon] Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, Hey, cohost, what do you think about posting a short little post then about SFWW? Somewhere under the scifi/fantasy forum topic?

[camidon] <now I have to reread my own Fish Bigots intro>

[anneliese] If I can. I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

[camidon] BTW, I've really taken a liking to the little alien writer icon you found/created.

[anneliese] Good, because I like it too! It began as some stock clip art that I've tweaked, color-wise.

[camidon] I'd be happy to make a short, nonintrusive post, but I do agree with you and E, that type of stuff should come from an official identity (email, whatever)

[camidon] It's not that big of a deal, but it's just an opportunity I don't think we should let slip by.

[anneliese] Hey, if you want to post as me...

[camidon] Back to the earlier thoughts: That's what's so much fun about Spec Fic, fantasy, scif, you can make your own rules. Granted, publishers made not read it if it too unruly, but every once and a while really pushing the boundary stuff makes it into print.

[camidon] Post as you?

[anneliese] Exactly. It is the aspect of pushing boundaries that I like best.

[anneliese] Actually, if you have some notion of the best thread to post in, let me know. The SF/Fantasy area is pretty huge.

[camidon] I'll check it out tonight during some good procrastination time and email you. Couldn't we also start a new thread if nothing else?

[anneliese] There are established areas for identifying critique groups such as are...I got that far with it one upon a time.

[camidon] Pretty huge = lots of people = maybe a few interested people, maybe one really interested.

[anneliese] One would be good

[anneliese] Have you given more thought to GenE lately?

[camidon] Well, congratulations again. You've certainly earned it. Crack open a bottle of chardonnay or, mabye break open a new chocolate bar. NaNo succes. NaNo fun. NaNo on the brain. Way to go.

[anneliese] Hubby and I are going to celebrate. Mostly, he's celebrating not batching it anymore

[camidon] GenE? Thought? yes. Action on the Wikisite? no. I decide against diving it too much during Nano, and then since I was leaving, I figured I'd try to drum up some interest in Feb, when I came back full velocity.

[camidon] not batching? me confused.

[anneliese] That sounds good. If I get the current story off the brain, I might do some more with GenE as well. But it is going to be a while.

[anneliese] bacheloring, is what I should have said.

[camidon] I've had some GenE ideas, Dave too when we met in Oct. It's still alive, just has a slow pulse I think.

[anneliese] Or something like that...being on his own.

[camidon] Ah, much more sense. I can imagine; you having to look yourself away and all.

[anneliese] It needs to be nurtured for a while longer...and if it turns out to be a relatively small group of us doing it, that's fine.

[anneliese] Actually, I did the whole thing sitting on the sofa, in the family room, on the laptop.

[camidon] Yeah, that's definitely true. On a bright note, I saw Bob posted a few times in the GenE stuff, so that's cool.

[anneliese] I started cranking when I loaded cd's and put the headphones on.

[anneliese] I think the shared world idea is a great one, but we have to overcome some learning curves wrt collaboration and collaboration tools (i.e., wiki)

[camidon] "nurtured" is a good word for it. Ah yes, the self-imposed exile by earphones though sitting in plain sight methid, one of my favorites.

[anneliese] It seems to work best for me. Locking myself in the computer room (we have one of those also) doesn't seem to work as well.

[camidon] I'm going to sign of here; got some things I should do, as well as some writing.

[anneliese] Sounds like a plan. I'm glad you made it. It's always great chatting with you

[anneliese] I'm seriously contemplating that sleep thing...

[camidon] I did the same thing; worked in the heavily-traveled areas with headphones instead of my office.

[camidon] It's been fun as always, and if we could, I'd toast you across the virtually pathways for all the hard, hard writing that we've done.

[anneliese] It's amazing how a pair of headphones can block out everything.

[anneliese] Here's to you!

[camidon] Here goes :TOAST: crash, clatter, clang. Whoops.

[anneliese] LOL!

[anneliese] Seriously, you carried me for so much of this. I hugely appreciate it!

[camidon] Another one can't hurt: Congrats, Anneliese. Mucho respect.

[anneliese] Congrats to you, Chris, you deserve it.

[camidon] Your welcome, and the same goes for you, all those messages spurred me on.

[camidon] Now it is onto other things. I shall say gnight.

[anneliese] You know, we just might talk ourselves into doing this next year...what about a collaborative GenE NaNo!

[anneliese] ahh, yes, niters to you too!

[camidon] ahh, now there's a nifty idea. Perhaps next week we can chat about that! Bon Voyage until then