Submitted by camidon on Sat, 10/23/2004 - 12:08am

One of my all time favorite, underappreciated movies. Didn't do well in the theaters, but this is another movie developing a cult following. Highly recomended.

This movie starts off right in the middle of the action and never lets go. The main character has lost his mind, awakes in a room with a dead hooker, and as he figures himself out and what if anything he has done, he begins to unravel the truth about the city in which he lives. Was not expecting the direction the end would take. This movie uses dozens of fresh ideas in a compact 90 minutes.

Again, there are points I could critique, but at some point the unique ideas, riveting characters, and fast paced plot more than make up for them.

If you want to study a movie that is as tightly scripted and bound together as they come (as well as Clue) then check this out. There is no fluff here, and the movie just spirals further and further into the depths of your mind...