Wing Commander ('99 version)

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I saw this last night and I was stuned. It was such a collection of bad cliches that one has to wonder if it was made as a spoof. Some of the cliches were: pilots that don't take orders, machine gun sounds on the space fighters, sonar, running out of fuel, "Pull up", pilots used as a boarding party, broadside firing of weapons, ejection pods in space fighters, and reverse sexual descrimination in that "women make better pilots than men." It really is a WWII battle transfered to space with little adaption for new technology.

Actually, it would make a great game at a SF con. Whoever comes up with the best reasonable explanation of the cliches wins. Take for instance the escape pods. Why would you abandon most of your ship? It has the supplies you need. So my idea is that it is a stealth thing. Disabled ships would be targeted by the enemy. The escape pod is stealthed so that at least the pilot survives to be picked up later.

It was based on a video game but is it too much to ask for some technical review.

But I did watch the whole thing.