Spring fever

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It must be the weather, where is everyone? I know I have my reasons but the rest of you must be plain lazy. (Do I really need a smiley after that?) Or are the weekly chats satisfying our need to communicate?

Since I brought it up, how is your writing affected by the weather? If you're snowed in and it's dark by 5PM in it's easy to find the time, but how do you write with the birds chirping and the grass growing?

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Re:Spring fever

It's just quiet all around, most importantly with critiques, then with the writing queue. I was actually pretty surprised that a few of us were so active on this thing a while back.

When I get busy, the bboard is the first thing to go.

As to the weather, I've found I'm most productive using a laptop at a local park on a warm, sunny day. I hate being kept indoors when the weather is nice (because it just doesn't happen often.)
Then comes the late evening, from about 10-2 where, when motivated, I can just keep writing and writing and writing, usually with some caffeinated beverage steaming on a coaster. Blizzards and rain storms can be productive days too.


Life is a lot like caving: Most of the time you grope around in the dark.

Re:Spring fever

Sorry to all, I've been ultra busy... at work they sent a few engineers to another group so those of us left have to pick up their workload, and we bought a new house and right after that I went on a business trip, so I came back to a weary wife and a house full of boxes.

Any spare writing-related time I spend on my silly bureaucrat novel. Things are calming now though.

I do most of my writing on business trips, which I haven't been doing much of lately. I also did lots of writing this winter when I was laid up with a torn achilles tendon. I imagine I'll do lots of writing now though, it's getting too damned hot to be outside. (I'm an expat Canuck living in Virginia, worshiping every day the benevolent god of air conditioning.)

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Spring Fever Redux

Back in my single days (and my early married days, when hubby was often on the road five days a week), my favorite time for writing was in the wee hours of the morning...for some reason 11 p.m. seems to be my best time. Or a lazy weekend.

Now that we have a small child and a dog, both of whom insist on waking up very very early and getting me to accompany them, I find myself sneaking "write breaks" at work. Not a career-enhancing move, and nearly impossible with my current workload. Puzzled

I know people who get up an hour early each morning to write...I admire that kind of willpower. I will do just about anything for an extra hour of sleep!

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Early Morning

I'm very much in your frame of mind, Elizabeth. Sleep as late as I can, and be most productive at the odd hours of the day, and of course, it just so happens that those hours are the hardest to come by. Perhaps if I ever make it big writing <cough, cough> then I'll work at night and sleep in the day. Heck I don't need light right? I spend a lot of my time in caves anyway, and there ain't any light in there, day or night!


Life is a lot like caving: Most of the time you grope around in the dark.