Submitted by DaveK on Mon, 07/07/2014 - 4:08pm

Quite often the first drafts of my stories are like Swiss cheese: full of holes. But let's abandon that metaphor (probably need a post on killing your darlings) and jump to roads. Roads have holes in them and the holes need to be fixed. Filling in a cold patch works for a short time/story and may be OK for a flash or short. Longer fixes need more prep and may need the removal of surrounding parts to keep the structure firm.

So that is the point of this post. Short stories need short fixes. There is not a lot of backstory or story that a repair needs to match. With longer stories you need to be concerned with a lot more details. Be careful out there.


POV and troubles:

Lights, camera ...

Seemed like a good idea when I started:

How many have you read?

No ideas?

With pictures: