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Igor Beaver Writer
200 words
1313 13th Street (Word count rounded to the nearest 100)
Rancho Rico, CA  99999
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I.B. Writer

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     It was a dark and stormy night.  Jed, a lanky

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Arkansan with that starved, hungry look so common to

aspiring writers, cursed that cliché.  Every time he

                                                                    (Put two spaces between sentences.)

sat down to his swap-meet-reject computer, he typed

that same accursed line.

     "Buck, get off your damned doghouse!  How do you

expect me to write my award winning short story with you

sittin up there like that?"

     The old bloodhound threw him a toothy yawn.

     "Don't make me come out there, you dumb ol' mutt,"

Jed said.  He shook his fist at the dog, but the dog


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just laid his head down and went back to sleep.

    "Dumb ol' mutt," Jed repeated.  He turned back to

his computer.

     It was a dark and stormy . . . night.

                                                                       (Space out ellipses.)

     Jed stopped typing.  He got up, removed all the

cables from the back of the computer, and pitched it

through his bedroom window at the dog.   It made a

satisfying crash as it broke the glass but fell short of

the doghouse by several feet.


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     Buck raised his ponderous head and looked toward

Jed with bloodshot eyes.  "Missed me," he said.

     Jed stared at the old bloodhound in disbelief.  A

talkin dog--now there was a story that would win awards.

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He hoped his computer still worked.


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