Ideas are Harshing my Narrative

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One of my problems writing is that I keep having new ideas. I'l start the story and then something pops into my mind and I stop writing and wonder if I should use that new idea instead of the old one. Couple this with my poor memory in which I'll be revising and think of a "new" idea and put it down. The next paragraph or scene will have that idea.

So first draft or revising I have these problems. Your ideas in a story have to be consistant. They can't conflict or be repeated. So I'm going to try to use one of my character traits, laziness, Oops, I mean efficiency, to focus on one stream of ideas and go with that. If a new idea pops up it gets wack-a-moled down. 

No one will know of the other ideas but until you write the one no will be able to see any of your ideas. Put your laziness to work and get a story out there.

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