Submitted by acmfox on Wed, 11/02/2011 - 11:12am

You're right about losing power. I lost mine for about 15 hours and that put my brain in a loop of doing nothing. You handled it better than I but you had more time to figure it out. Now my water heater is giving me grief - not making the water hot - and I need some trees choped up due to snow damage. Life is rough out here in the west. I amĀ  a few hundred words ahead of schedule on Nano and I hope to keep that going.

Being without internet (or power, for that matter) makes you think differently. I'd been waffling about whether to do nanowrimo this year, and had nearly convinced myself out of it. But writing is one of those things you don't need a computer to do, and I have nearly a lifetime supply of paper and pens--as well as a story I've been noodling for a few weeks.

Now it turns out that my husband's workshop got power yesterday (and internet), so I can work there during the daylight hours. And the laptop, when charged, will last in the evening hours for as long as I can stay awake and feeding the fire. So for the first time in my personal nanowrimo history, I've actually wrote and managed the target word count on the first day of the month! Of course, I can't post it until a day later, but hey, last year it was a week into the month before I was able to do any writing.

Life is good.