Writer's Bingo

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In dailywritingtips Mark Nichol wrote an article about Beware of Buzzword Bingo. The article discusses the niceties of playing Buzzword Bingo, where you have a 5x5 grid filled with buzzwords and every time one is used in a meeting you mark that word. The first to get five in a row wins. When I was in the corporate world that would be fun, but now I'm a wannabe writer so I think I'll try it here. The trick is to come up with at least 24 buzzwords that are common in critiques groups, online chats or even calls with an agent.

So here it goes:

agent, genre, high concept, show, tell

literary, rights, dialog tags, prologue, polish

good enough, e publishing, format, guidelines, outline,

blog, character, plot, brand, rejection

critique, advance, submission, query, contract

pantser, cliché, voice, grammar, pacing

Here are more than enough to get you started.