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This is probably not only the fastest, but the most useful rejection I ever got. NFG is a print magazine that pays rather well, but has a really author freindly submission/rejection/comment system.

address is here:

I submitted the story Monday night (3/15/04) got the rejection back
on Tuesday (3/16/04)

Here is contents (This was for my story "Sleeper" about Federal agents run amok) :


2004.03.16 kdionne (Rejected after initial review)
A dark, grim vision of the future, for sure. Overall, I liked the concept of this story, and the writing is certainly strong. Where I think this piece is lacking, though, is in subtlety and conflict. The Federal agents carry out their job coldly and methodically, and even when things go wrong, there are no consequences to them, so despite your story's rather gruesome events, there's very little tension in this piece as a result. Your protagonists are so strong physically, and so sure of themselves morally, that the story's outcome is never really in doubt.

Thanks for the read, but I'm afraid I'll have to pass.[/i]

Interesting comments for sure, and ones I can definately make use of, even though Sleeper was written as allegory.


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Re:NFG rejection

OMG! an explanation! They actually read your story!

I'm not a complete idiot -- some parts are missing.

Re:NFG rejection

WHOA. A coherent explanation. I have to check these guys out. Shock

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Re:NFG rejection

What a great rejection! Makes me want to submit something to them!