Submitted by camidon on Wed, 03/17/2004 - 11:42am

TO READ FURTHER, PLEAsE FIRST READ: TIME ENOUGH, NEVER ENOUGH TIME, submitted for 3/15/04 (yes, I know I'm stumping for my own submission!)

Generation E (evolution)

So here's an idea. I wrote this introductory "chapter--Time Enough, Never Enough Time" to begin my idea about a generation ship taking hundreds of thousands of years to cross the stellar voids, and in the process evolve to fit into their new world. This is what humanity started out doing as they traveled from Africa, to Europe, to Asia, to America. In th process, we formed our physical appearanes which are all vastly different. What if this is why it takes so long to cross the stars. What if we're suppose to use that time to adjust to a new, less hospitable world? Adjust to gravity, adjust to temperature, gas concentration, who knows what else? The starship would systematically adjust living conditions, one minute step at a time, over hundreds, even millions of years, all this time, still a blink in geologic/cosmic time.

Sine this story takes so much time, the book would only focus on a handful of generations, each chapter, really a series pf short stories progressing to the colonized.

Therefore, any number of people could collaborate on this idea. In fact, I think it would make the story even stronger by using different voices for each "chapter". All that would have to be done is to know the beginning and end product, and everything in between would be a slow, evolutionary change. Anyone want to try and write a short story in this context, or in other words, collaborate?