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So the scifi channel website posts fiction stories and I figuted, what the hey, it's a highly competive market but unless you try, you'll never know. I have to say their rejection was by far one of the shortest: Try this: "Thank you for submitting your story to SCI FICTION. I'm afraid we can't use it for our website. Sorry."

Gosh, your apology for rejection was so heartwarming it made me feel all gushy inside. On the up side, the rejection letter had a cool purple swoop at the bottom of the page that made me go "oh super duper, this is so futuristically cool"! Shock What a waste of a sheet of paper.

All that aside, responses like these are the standard.

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Hey, at least they had the cool purple swoop. Ellen Datlow's SCIFI.COM rejection form letter is just as short and has NO cool logos. At least it didn't the last time I had the temerity to submit something. :roll:

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