Posting the SFWW schedule

I'd like to begin posting the upcoming SFWW schedule of critiques and challenges on the website (again). I've just posted the first in the forum. Is this the best place? Other options are to create articles that can be archived, or other strategies. I'd like to be able to show titles and dates for one or two upcoming entries on the home page, but where, and does that make it too cluttered? In other words, let me know whether:

- you think this is useful
- how it would be easiest for you to see and use
- any other comments or advice you have

I'd like to not make these decisions unilaterally. I'm trying to grow this website to something we all want to use and improve.

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That makes sense to me. I

That makes sense to me. I would suggest a topic under SFWW business for the challenges. For the challenge itself, yes, for the responses, I'm not sure if they should be posted. It might keep some from entering the challenge.

I would put the critique schedule on the critiques page. Not even a linked page. Until we start getting enough entries to make the page too long keep it together.

Dave K

Can I do it as a play or

Can I do it as a play or teleplay?
My full-length theatre stuff is usually two-act but I can do it as three.
What say you?

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Anneliese, I'm not certain


I'm not certain how much of this got implemented with the quiet times we've had. However, now seems like a perfect opportunity to recraft the online schedule, especially as we have a queue again. I'd love the schedule to be online so it could be checked at a click.


Life is a lot like caving: Most of the time you grope around in the dark.


Life is a lot like caving: Most of the time you grope around in the dark.

I second the motion.

I second the motion.

To err is human. I am not human.

I'll see what I can

I'll see what I can do.