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Here's a term--Mary Sue--that I hadn't heard of and a link to a test to see if your character is a Mary Sue.

The test includes some questions about a character that I hadn't even thought of (no big surprise to Chris). Anyway it's fun and could be revealing. The one character I passed through this scored a 1 but it probably should be higher.

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What if the character's a

What if the character's a male or neither sex? Is this an idea for a story (Johnny Cash already did a great song called a boy named sue)


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The sex or lack of is

The sex or lack of is irrelevant. From the Wikipedia article: Mary Sue is a pejorative term, sometimes shortened to MS or Sue, used to describe or criticize a fictional character that exhibits some or most of the clichés common in amateur (and especially fan) fiction, making the character itself something of a cliché. Mary Sues are often characters that are based on the author himself or herself, though having idealized traits so that the Mary Sue can act out wish-fulfillment on behalf of the author.
The term "Mary Sue" is often considered unisexual, although masculinized variations such as "Gary Stu" or "Marty Stu" are frequently used in reference to male characters as both parts of the given name "Mary Sue" are feminine.

The "A Boy Named Sue" song came out first but I don't believe there is any connection.

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I just took the Mary Sue

I just took the Mary Sue test. (Go me! I know. I'm such a follower. Blah!) My most recent character scored a 33, but I was kind of lenient. Perhaps I'll try some of my other characters, especially some of my early ones and see how they score.


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