Spell checking SF character names

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OK, I started a story that uses character names that are your typical SF names--not found in any dictionary. I got tired of my word processor (Open Office) underlining in red all those names. But if I turn off checking then if (actually when) I typo a name I'll never know. So I hunted around and figured out how to create my own dictionaries. In Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Writing Aids you can create your own dictionary. I chose to create one with a similar title to the story. Now when I create a new character I add his/her/its name to that dictionary and I can be sure that every time I use that name it is correct.

The one downside is that the dictionaries are constant across all files so each story needs its own list of names or terms and you have to change which dictionaries are in use manually for each story. But now I won't have to check each underlined Kaanal to be sure that I didn't spell it Kaanla in one spot.

This is for Open Office but I'm sure MS office has the same capability. Maybe some one can reply with the method needed in their favorite editor.