Chat log for August 7, 2006

[07/08 20:21] *** DaveK has joined the chatbox
[07/08 20:43] Hello
[07/08 20:52] *** Jana has joined the chatbox
[07/08 20:52] HI Jana
[07/08 20:52] WOW I was on time tonight, and where is everybody?
[07/08 20:53] You're a bit early
[07/08 20:53] Oh early?
[07/08 20:53] Check the time stamp to the left. About 7 minutes
[07/08 20:54] I can never get used to Eastern Time vs. Central
[07/08 20:55] Only one hour
[07/08 20:55] Hang on I need to go get a snack...brb
[07/08 20:55] Bring me one too
[07/08 20:58] *lol* Here ya go. *handing you a bowl of cereal and a spoon*
[07/08 20:59] Eew
[07/08 20:59] Are we picking on your submission tonight?
[07/08 20:59] I have no idea. *wince* Hope not.
[07/08 20:59] *** acmfox has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:00] Don't drip on the keyboard
[07/08 21:00] Hi Dave!
[07/08 21:00] Hi Jana!
[07/08 21:00] I promise my next submission of the book will be enjoyable.
[07/08 21:00] Hi Anneliese
[07/08 21:00] Hey there!
[07/08 21:00] Dave doesn't like my snack of cereal
[07/08 21:01] Cereal is OK... just don't spill the milk Smiling
[07/08 21:02] I want ice cream
[07/08 21:02] Dave, I'll let you have some of my red seedless grapes.
[07/08 21:02] No ice cream here Sad
[07/08 21:02] Hypoglycemic here....cereal better for me
[07/08 21:02] Grape ice cream ??
[07/08 21:02] EWWWWWWW
[07/08 21:03] I've done grape pie, but not grape ice cream... don't know about that.
[07/08 21:03] *** camidon has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:03] *shudder*
[07/08 21:03] Hey cam
[07/08 21:03] Hi Chris
[07/08 21:03] Hi CM!
[07/08 21:03] Evening All
[07/08 21:04] Cam...Chris...I'll get the names straight yet
[07/08 21:04] If we continue down this path we'll be doing another challenge
[07/08 21:04] I answer to just about anything, Jana
[07/08 21:04] Ya know, Dave, I was thinking the same thing Eye-wink
[07/08 21:04] Ah, yes, attack of the hyperglycemic grape ice cream mutants
[07/08 21:04] Ah, yes, attack of the hyperglycemic grape ice cream mutants
[07/08 21:04] Yup... he even answers to CM! Laughing out loud
[07/08 21:05] BTW, I signed up for a fiction writing class at the local senior center
[07/08 21:05] Cool!
[07/08 21:05] Anneliese, the past few weeks I've had to log in twice to the SFWW site in order for the "chat" link to appear on the left side menu. The first time it says I'm logged in, but there's no link, so I log in again, and the "chat" link magically appears. Any thoughts?
[07/08 21:05] Let us know how it goes.
[07/08 21:06] Congrats Dave. I think you'll like it
[07/08 21:06] Same happened to me when I logged in.
[07/08 21:06] hyper? *giggle* I'm more like hypo
[07/08 21:06] Yes, I used to hide behind CM, though it doesn't work to well--I've stuck my pointy nose into too many nooks and SFWW crannies.
[07/08 21:06] Did you have to log in two times in a row in order for the chat link to show up?
[07/08 21:06] It starts in September
[07/08 21:06] Ice cream wouldn't even phase me
[07/08 21:06] I signed up for level two
[07/08 21:06] Yes, Dave, keep us posted, perhaps on the sfww bboard.
[07/08 21:07] Yes, Anneliese, two times in a row,
[07/08 21:07] Well then you have a month polish up your style and amaze the professor
[07/08 21:07] Maybe a blog
[07/08 21:07] DaveK tries to get educated
[07/08 21:07] Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one... it hasn't happened to me....
[07/08 21:07] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:07] *grin*
[07/08 21:07] hi there! Sorry I'm late.
[07/08 21:07] Breaking news: DaveK learns of the comma
[07/08 21:07] What I have noticed, is that it doesn't seem to remember my login as it used to.
[07/08 21:07] Hi Elizabeth!
[07/08 21:07] Evening, Elizabeth.
[07/08 21:08] Hey compared to when I normally get on here, you're early!
[07/08 21:08] Hi Elizabeth
[07/08 21:08] I thought I'd worn the dog out, but I was wrong...
[07/08 21:08] Talk to Greg about the comma, Dave. He likes to nag me about them, so I turn around and nag others!
[07/08 21:08] I still haven't gotten back to install all the new goodies... who knows what I may yet break!
[07/08 21:09] lol!
[07/08 21:09] Has anyone tried the private messaging yet?
[07/08 21:09] Any more semi-retired SFWW'ers get back into your good graces?
[07/08 21:10] Nope... I hope to send out the prunned list this week.
[07/08 21:10] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:11] Also, is anyone going to post some more quotes?
[07/08 21:11] Mary is waiting for you to acknowledge her on the list
[07/08 21:11] Got a random email from "sunwolf". Seems he went camping on South Manitou or something and was interested in looking into the stuff I've recently submitted to the group. Don't know what will come of it.,
[07/08 21:11] Oops... lost Elizabeth
[07/08 21:11] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:11] Not yet. Haven't gotten that bold. Smiling
[07/08 21:11] I haven't gotten anything from Mary yet... Ask her to resend, if you get the chance, please?
[07/08 21:12] I'm on the phone with her right now ...hang on
[07/08 21:12] Sunwolf... haven't heard from him in forever!
[07/08 21:12] Maybe I should prod him a little...
[07/08 21:12] Anneliese, did you get anything from him? Sunwolf (John?)
[07/08 21:12] I started my GenE story. Only about 500 words
[07/08 21:12] She said she'll send you something shortly
[07/08 21:13] Nope. Not to my recollection.
[07/08 21:13] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:13] Great! (goes to both Dave and Jana)
[07/08 21:13] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:13] Bravo, Dave (notice correct comma use). Any amount of words for the GenE project is a good start!
[07/08 21:13] Haven't heard from sunwolf in a while.
[07/08 21:13] *beaming*
[07/08 21:14] I meant I wrote 500 words, not that the story is finished at 500
[07/08 21:14] So, Jana, what are you *beaming*? My receptors aren't fully charged tonight.
[07/08 21:14] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:14] Yes, Dave, that was understood! It's still progress. (again notice correct comma usage and an apostrophe tossed in for good measure!)
[07/08 21:14] That's about 480 words more than me, Dave.
[07/08 21:15] Oh I'm doing far better at getting my book finished.
[07/08 21:15] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:15] so, Jana, did you want us to discuss your sub?
[07/08 21:15] Kind of risky, sending in a intro after yopu've written most of the story
[07/08 21:15] *cringe* Ummm....I dunno. I'm thinking I should delete the Introduction
[07/08 21:16] I couldn't sleep last night, so at 3:00AM i got up and wrote for an hour and a half. Started my Teen caving novel I've been meaning to write for a few years now. Not sfww related at all.
[07/08 21:16] Isn't it SciFi?
[07/08 21:16] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:16] Does that help you get to sleep? If I write late at night, I'm up all night writing.
[07/08 21:17] Yes, Jana, feel free to pick out brains and ask questions if you would like feedback.
[07/08 21:17] Elizabeth... maybe you should try changing your color again?
[07/08 21:17] I finished the first chapter, and when I paused, my exhaustion hit, and I was able to sleep. Maybe I should do that more often.
[07/08 21:17] Actually the introduction doesn't do the book justice. I think after the prologue is read, it would start to make sense
[07/08 21:18] Depends on how you feel when you wake up
[07/08 21:18] Dave, I always feel bad when I wake up, so that aspect doesn't matter!
[07/08 21:18] An introduction... a prologue... then chapter 1?
[07/08 21:18] Yup
[07/08 21:18] Jana, if I may ask, what was your intention with the introduction?
[07/08 21:19] A vague history of what was going on in the alternate reality, so things would make even better sense futher along in the book
[07/08 21:20] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:20] was the intro intended to be a sample query? The sort of thing you would send to a prospective agent or publisher?
[07/08 21:20] Do you never recap this history in the main story?
[07/08 21:20] That was my thought. We should figure out the alternative history as we read the story.
[07/08 21:20] Only vaguely touched upon, from time to time, during the book. I guess the intro could be a sample quety
[07/08 21:21] query
[07/08 21:21] (It appears Elizabeth is having temporal phase problems)
[07/08 21:21] Because the alternate history, however interesting, isn't the main story. And I found it odd that your introduction didn't mention anything about the characters in the story.
[07/08 21:21] I think I've been sucked into a very small wormhole.
[07/08 21:21] (Elizabeth, Is Texas really in a different dimension?)
[07/08 21:22] If the history is not needed why include it?
[07/08 21:22] (I've been suspicious for some time)
[07/08 21:22] If Texas isn't in a different dimension, it ought to be. Safer for the rest of the country.
[07/08 21:22] (It always seems that way when I visit Texas)
[07/08 21:22] A good query is part synopsis and part sales pitch.
[07/08 21:22] I can insert the history as I go along. The prologue introduces Kai, a bit. Then Chapter 1 you see more of her. Chapter 2 and 3 you are introduced to the hero.
[07/08 21:23] (my apologies for digression --randome smiley here: :sm110
[07/08 21:23] How long is the prologue...roughly?
[07/08 21:23] :smt110
[07/08 21:23] It would be best to insert the history as the story unfolds, small pieces at a time.
[07/08 21:23] About a page page and a half? Hang on I'll go do a word count
[07/08 21:24] Have you heard of "narrative lumps"?
[07/08 21:24] Agrees with Elizabeth. Plot history should unhold with character history.
[07/08 21:24] They're large chunks of narrative--background history, description, etc.--without any story action to break them up. They're best avoided.
[07/08 21:24] and the plot history IS interesting, so if the characters are interesting, that's much to look forward to in the book.
[07/08 21:24] AH
[07/08 21:25] The other pitfall SF writers tend to have--because we have to spend much more time developing worlds and histories--is to put all of the background into the book.
[07/08 21:25] 2 pages....1,190 words
[07/08 21:25] Agrees with Elizabeth. Most people skip and semblence of narrative dumps.
[07/08 21:25] Yeah, what Elizabeth said.
[07/08 21:25] All of that historical stuff needs to be in your notes, so that you can work it out, but not all of it will need to go into the story.
[07/08 21:26] And your first chapter is roughly how many pages?
[07/08 21:26] that means authors should too, unless one is writing history books,
[07/08 21:26] *nod* Taking all this to heart, believe me....want it to be a best seller
[07/08 21:27] We want it to be a best seller also Smiling
[07/08 21:27] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:27] Chapter 1 is five pages, 3,373 words.
[07/08 21:27] Just start submitting it to the group. We'll be happy to tell you what to cut.
[07/08 21:27] brb...puppy is demanding attention
[07/08 21:27] Then why don't you send us both the prologue and the first chapter as your next sub.
[07/08 21:27] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:27] If you present the entire alternative history in one big piece, some readers will skip it, while others (the historically obsessed) will start to nitpick it.
[07/08 21:28] agrees with Anneliese
[07/08 21:28] No, no, 3373 words. just wrong. Cut them and start again.
[07/08 21:28] You're so agreeable tonight, CM!
[07/08 21:29] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:29] I'm confused, Dave, what are you asking Jana to cut?
[07/08 21:29] Elizabeth, maybe you should change browsers.
[07/08 21:30] I'm being a smart ass.
[07/08 21:30] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:30] I think the prologue and first chapter would be a good size for a submission.
[07/08 21:30] Was this another comma comment?
[07/08 21:31] I'm in Firefox. Maybe I need to download a newer version. :::sigh:::
[07/08 21:31] Dave, and you're taking a writing class at a Senior Center? If you're really such a smart ass, this could provide many, many writable moments... nothing like setting up your own material to mine.
[07/08 21:31] What version are you using?
[07/08 21:32] Version of Firefox, that is.
[07/08 21:32] I agree. Send off the prologue and first chapter next time around.
[07/08 21:32] Dave, next time and a smiley or six! :smt16, :smt45, smt100
[07/08 21:32] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:33] Yes, I do need to get in the habit of using smileys
[07/08 21:33] Are your smilies not working correctly tonight?
[07/08 21:33] :smt100 :smt100 :smt100
[07/08 21:33] :smt081
[07/08 21:33] Eye-wink
[07/08 21:33] Yes, my random smileys don't seem to work so well.
[07/08 21:33] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:34] good question. Smiling
[07/08 21:34] ;-(
[07/08 21:34] Version 1.0.6.
[07/08 21:35] Pretty ancient, I know.
[07/08 21:35] Anneliese, have you heard from bogwitch
[07/08 21:35] You're way behind. Definitely download a newer version.
[07/08 21:35] No, I haven't heard from bogwitch in a while. Does anyone want to drop her an email?
[07/08 21:35] The newere versions download newer version automatically
[07/08 21:35] I'm back
[07/08 21:36] Current version is
[07/08 21:36] I'll poke bogwitch
[07/08 21:36] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:36] Well okay if you think BOTH submissions would be acceptable I'll do so
[07/08 21:36] What kind of puppy?
[07/08 21:36] Anything less than 5K words is usually fine. Around 3K is always good.
[07/08 21:37] Actually he's not a puppy, technically. 2 year old MinPin.
[07/08 21:37] The older dog had to go out too
[07/08 21:37] Although, we've had over 10K, but that's really too much.
[07/08 21:37] Jana, no matter what, keep plugging away.
[07/08 21:37] I'll see what I can do!
[07/08 21:37] Story of my life...keep on plugging away
[07/08 21:38] Awww, you can do it! You're good at that :smt041
[07/08 21:38] SIgh, yes, raising hand tentatively. I've been known to submit the 13k and 10k whoppers. :smt104 I blame sfwwmoder--he started it when I was first with the group, a 16k monster novella!
[07/08 21:39] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:39] :smt16
[07/08 21:39] *LOL* You've been talking to Mary about that , haven't you?!
[07/08 21:39] Yep. He was good for those uber-long subs.
[07/08 21:39] But were they interesting?
[07/08 21:39] (Jana, if you haven't noticed, we're kinda addicted to smilies here)
[07/08 21:39] I've submitted a couple of monsters myself.
[07/08 21:40] Yes, they were all interesting.
[07/08 21:40] I found sfwwmoder's universe very interesting.
[07/08 21:40] And he did a very good job of mixing the personal, historical, and scientific stuff.
[07/08 21:40] ...interesting in some form at least, like doorstops or kindling for christmas fires Smiling
[07/08 21:40] Before my time
[07/08 21:41] Which is how you keep the reader's interest.
[07/08 21:41] geez, that was 8 years ago.
[07/08 21:41] I like smileys as well, but have yet to figure out how to put them here
[07/08 21:41] I've thrown some pretty big chapters at the group.
[07/08 21:41] man, has it been that long already? I feel OLD.
[07/08 21:42] (Check out the Compose Tips link)
[07/08 21:42] Okey dokey!
[07/08 21:42] Jana, if I may ask, who/what are some of the characters in your book? For example, if I was reading the back of the book, what would it say about your characters?
[07/08 21:42] You feel OLD! I AM old!
[07/08 21:43] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:43] :smt074 None of that. You're only old if you type slow.
[07/08 21:43] ACK....mmmm...Kai is half Osage and half Irish, been a loner all her life and is now having to work with a male partner. Michael is her field commander and partner, and is appaled at how backwards she can be at times
[07/08 21:43] :smt015
[07/08 21:43] Then I'm VERY old, as I type slowly
[07/08 21:44] Besides, old ideas are often tweaked into stunning new revelations!
[07/08 21:44] Only kidding about the tpying comment btw, Sticking out tongue
[07/08 21:44] Bang, bang
[07/08 21:45] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:45] (The official SFWW smilie mascot)
[07/08 21:45] Catch, Anneliese! :smt073
[07/08 21:45] :smt019
[07/08 21:45] It was only a matter of time before the smileycide showed up.
[07/08 21:45] No alien mascot? Like the favicon
[07/08 21:45] *lol*
[07/08 21:46] So does anyone do "character sketches"? Physically outline any of their characters on paper or on the computer?
[07/08 21:46] so what is Kai's and Michael's mission? What are they trying to do over the course of the story? What are the obstacles in their way? That's the part of the story that catches the reader's interest.
[07/08 21:46] Actually, the favicon is the default drupal one... I haven't gotten around to making one Sad
[07/08 21:46] I do character sketches for the main characters in novels.
[07/08 21:46] I've never done a character outline
[07/08 21:47] Is so, to what extent?
[07/08 21:47] Smiling
[07/08 21:47] Outlined on paper, so the files don't go poof. Smiling
[07/08 21:47] IF so, that is, to what extent?
[07/08 21:47] Mine are pretty basic: strengths, weaknesses, short history, appearance.
[07/08 21:47] Well done, Elizabeth!
[07/08 21:47] Mission: To rescue the Millenium Bloods from a madman, locate said madman and stop him from trying to take over the world
[07/08 21:47] I have a character database for Chrysalis which contains all my character notes.
[07/08 21:48] What their main goal and main obstacle(Drunk are, and how they will be changed by the end.
[07/08 21:48] Mostly name, job position, relationship to mc's, stuff like that.
[07/08 21:48] Millenium Bloods. Great name
[07/08 21:48] Jana, that's what you would put on the back cover of the book.
[07/08 21:48] That's the sort of potential conflict that will get a reader's attention.
[07/08 21:48] Agrees with CM.
[07/08 21:49] Changed: Hmmm...Kai will learn to trust men, and actually discover what love truly is. Michael to relax and realize not everything has to be done by the book
[07/08 21:49] Cool to know. I've done some outlining for some works, but not for my recent NaNo novels. I'm still working out what worked the best.
[07/08 21:49] That would definitely catch people's attention, if they read the back flap
[07/08 21:50] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:50] And the more quickly you establish that in your storyline, the better.
[07/08 21:50] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:50] Especially when you're trying to take out madmen. Smiling They don't generally follow accepted rules of engagement.
[07/08 21:50] CM, I'm looking also. I want to actually accomplish NaNo this year.
[07/08 21:51] Anneliese. Looking at what? I missed something.
[07/08 21:51] Yeah especially this madman!
[07/08 21:51] He's a Millenium Blood as well
[07/08 21:52] Looking at an organized methodology... i.e., outline, character sketches, etc, in prep for writing.
[07/08 21:52] Anybody who would want to take over the world has to be crazy, IMHO. Smiling
[07/08 21:52] Oh gods I hate outlines!
[07/08 21:52] So, in addition to ruling the world, he knows what competition he needs to eliminate.
[07/08 21:52] I'm not certain if I'll do Nano this year. I must admit that last years last second success nearly destroyed my personal life--I was not pleasant to be around as I demanded every last second to write, sigh.
[07/08 21:52] And how they operate.
[07/08 21:52] Oh yeah he knows alright!
[07/08 21:52] Yea, but crazy people are so much fun!
[07/08 21:53] Poor Kai, she's so powerful that he wants to kidnap her for his breeding program
[07/08 21:53] Many would profess that writers are crazy...
[07/08 21:53] *giggle* I've had a lot of fun writing the crazy madman
[07/08 21:53] And lots of fun to write about, too. Smiling
[07/08 21:53] It helps to be crazy!
[07/08 21:53] Yea, I sort of figured that out also... you can get away with Nano one year, but most folks don't care to put up with you after that.
[07/08 21:54] However Kai has no idea what all of her powers are
[07/08 21:54] Ah, Breeding Program--that sounds juicy! As if the word was scrawled across people's posteriors! Oh wait, it IS scrawled across their posteriors these days!
[07/08 21:54] *rotflmao*
[07/08 21:54] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:54] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 21:54] So Kai and Michael are targets, even as they think they're targeting this guy. Could have some great cat-and-mouse, double-crossing plotlines here.
[07/08 21:55] *grin* Two of the high tech security guards, that were employed by the madman, defected and are now on the good guys side
[07/08 21:56] It takes Kai's special abilities to even find the madman
[07/08 21:56] Which makes her even more of a target. I suspect that when she tracks him, she reveals her own position.
[07/08 21:56] brb, my puppy is demanding attention.
[07/08 21:56] *grin* well not really....she can communicate with Mother Earth, so a lot of it can be masked that way
[07/08 21:57] oooh more puppies!
[07/08 21:57] Jana, if you need help making someone evil, listen to Elizabeth...
[07/08 21:57] She is the queen of evil and deviousness.
[07/08 21:57] lol
[07/08 21:57] *grin* Oh I am
[07/08 21:57] Thus why she is in charge of sfww!
[07/08 21:58] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 21:58] (Don't tell her, but the only way we can control her is to keep bouncing her in and out of the chatroom)
[07/08 21:58] uh oh, we scared her away!
[07/08 21:58] *giggling*
[07/08 21:59] I think we're all a little devious...
[07/08 21:59] OH OH OH.....y'all have given me an eviiiiiiiiiiiil idea
[07/08 21:59] It's why we write SF, and not some other type of novel...say romance?
[07/08 21:59] *** EHardage has joined the chatbox
[07/08 22:00] Tell! Tell!
[07/08 22:00] lol!
[07/08 22:00] need to make myself the crown of evil and deviousness. Smiling
[07/08 22:00] She gets captured, and her partner has to blow part of the mission to get her out
[07/08 22:00] shhhh, she's back, quit talking behind our nefarious leader's back! :smt117
[07/08 22:00] I actually feel sorry for the madman, Kai isn't a nice fighter
[07/08 22:01] I am the nefarious leader, and I already know what you've said! Bwahahaha!
[07/08 22:01] :smt059
[07/08 22:01] I don't think that will fool her
[07/08 22:01] Oh well, I should stop chasing chickens. I've got the early shift tomorrow. Jana, I look forward to more. Dave, keep pushing that GenE story.
[07/08 22:01] And part of a good villain is that we should feel some commonality with him or her, no matter how appalling he or she is.
[07/08 22:02] 'Night Chris
[07/08 22:02] Have a pleseant, writing-filled week.
[07/08 22:02] I'm glad you could make it tonight, CM.
[07/08 22:02] Plus it's always fun to see the put-upon, captured heroine get back up and kick some evildoer tail.
[07/08 22:02] *giggle* Kai is just a gal who's done things her own way all her life
[07/08 22:02] gnight all.
[07/08 22:02] 'night CM, it was good talking to you.
[07/08 22:02] Oh she'll kick tail alright
[07/08 22:03] Goodnight....must run myself. SEE what happens when you give me ideas?
[07/08 22:03] *pout* Now I'll be up all night writing
[07/08 22:03] So, Kai might also learn that there is a line one cannot cross and maintain the same sense of self.
[07/08 22:03] *** camidon has left the chatbox
[07/08 22:03] Well, I hope it has been a productive chat for you, Jana.
[07/08 22:04] Yeah
[07/08 22:04] *** EHardage has left the chatbox
[07/08 22:04] It has indeed been productive. I thank one and all for the ideas
[07/08 22:04] And our foolishness wasn't off-putting.
[07/08 22:04] night night! *racing from the room, before getting more ideas*
[07/08 22:04] Nighters.
[07/08 22:04] BYe, see you next week.