Submitted by camidon on Thu, 05/11/2006 - 10:28pm

As there's been a number of postings regarding movies not within the science fiction genre, I thought I would add my own. Got this one, "Dial M for Murder" from Netflix recently.

Everyone often says Hitchock was a master, but when one watches his movies with an eye for his craft, that statement really holds true. Every scene, setting, and detail is meticulously crafted. This movie takes place almost entirely in a one room setting (the movie was based very closely on a play of the same name), yet it never feels stifled. There's movement, quick dialogue, and intriguing chararcters. Within the first few minutes, the audience knows the wife is having an affair. Tthough she thinks her husband doesn't know, he does know, and he wants revenge. The questions are 1) How he will do it, 2) if it will succeed, and 3) if the husband will get away with it. Pay particular attention to the nature of "evil" or "the villian". Quite often Hitchcock likes to play with wealthy and middle class characters who seem to have just about everything, yet somehow something is missing, and so they resort to crime.

Though I would not classify this as my favorite Hitchcock, North by Northwest is by favorite (perhaps I should write a review of that too), this movie receives strong marks. Even my wife, who is not a huge suspense fan, suddenly found herself captivated. When she went to fetch some more tea, she demanded I pause the movie, which never happens.

So, in summary, to learn quick character development, plot pacing, and how to use a limited setting, check out this movie.