Being an alum of Clarion (the original, not Clarion West), I've got the great luck of getting crits on a story of mine that I'm grooming for WOTF/Asimovs from some published Clarion alums.

I've already gotten two: one from Tracy Taylor and another from Nancy Etchemendy. JAMES PATRICK KELLY is moderating the critique thread on my tale for the next two weeks. He'll offer his crit in about a week.

What can I say besides AWESOME!

My story was already at a high pitch and if it's not up another level once I get all my crits and process 'em, something is seriously wrong.

Now I've got to keep eking out my current Trek short tale, write up some crits, read the EXPERTS novel, and write up my Mission Impossible III review.

Not to mention work and take care of chores. Ughhh.


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Like your drive

Hey man,

I like your drive. That's a good chunk of the battle--putting your foot in the door and butt in the chair. Many a talented prospect writer finked out because it was just too darn hard to find that drive. Once you find that drive, you've got to stomach the criticism and rejection and keep slogging on. Best of luck with James Patrick Kelly Critique. Do keep us updated.


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re: Like your drive


The journey towards my first sale has been longer and more twisted than I expected, but I'll get there sooner or later.

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