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Yes, go for it! I'd say that she likes your writing and is hoping for something from you that she can publish.

A hand written rejection isn't a manuscript acceptance and sale, but it's good. It shows the editor is open to your material.

Keep at it.

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Recently I got a very personalized rejection. This came from Arthur A. Levine Books, an imprint of Scholastic. I've been sendig queries and sample chapters to children's publishers for a while now. I've generated more interest than expected, though only one publisher has requested the entire manuscript. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my most recent and most personal rejection. It's very encouraging, yet very frustrating too.

The Form Letter:

Dear Writer, Thank you for sending your work to me at Arthur A Levine Books. I read the materials with interest, but unfortunately the manuscript doesn't sound right for our imprint at this time. I appreciated the oportunity to see your book, however, and wish you all the best in finding it the right home.

Sincerely, Cherly Klein Editor

(Then below)

The Handwritten note:

I'll tell you, I was impressed by your writing and imagination, but I'm a little wary of fantasies set in ever-changing magical/imaginative worlds--they tend to be episodic and tire me out! So do please (scribble, scratch out) query me again on any other projects as they come to fruition--and sorry this isn't right for me. CK

Well! A good step. A future contact, if I can finish another suitable project before my writing totally zips from her mind. I'm working on another book now, entitled "The Gravedigger's Son". So perhaps in a few months when I get a draft done and super polish the first few chapters, I'll send it to her first. Must do anything to maintain contacts and interest!