Vernor Vinge

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Let's add a new author to the list: Vernor Vinge

Here's another one every current science fiction author should read. This guy is a Prof at San Diego St. in Comp Science so he's not prolific, but the stuff he's got out is good. He's got some very original ideas/theories about the universe. It's the most original universe I've ever read. He verges on hard scifi, and some would probably classify him thus, but he's nothing like Kim Stanley Robinson. Somtimes he's a little slow, somtimes the books got you buy the balls and won't let go. So, if you need another good book, pick up one of his.

The two I've read and recommend:
"A Deepness in the Sky"
"A Fire upon the Deep"

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Re:Vernor Vinge

Thanks, I'll look for him.

Right now I'm reading Jimmy Breslin's [i]I Don't Want to Go to Jail[/i], a novel about the demise of the New York mafia that incorporates many real life characters, such as John Gotti. It has actually succeeded in luring me away from Earth and Beyond, the latest online computer game I've gotten stuck on.

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