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Ok, so this doesn't directly apply to this group, but so what. I'm a guy who is inclusive, not exclusive.

Dell publishes children's books, among other things, and they've become so high and mighty (not from my own personal experience, yet, anyway) that the editors will no longer even reply to the masses they reject every year. If you hear nothing after four or five months, it's ASSUMED to be a rejection.

Now, come on, I know this is a business, but geez. Talk about a total lack of human decency. How hard is it to stuff a form rejection in a enevelope the SUBMITTER provides. Guess they don't want to waste that slip of paper.

Impersonal pricks.

Ending rant

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If this is true, then

If this is true, then ranting is not only called for, but necessary. What does such a policy tell us about the state of the publishing industry? Do they even care what they publish? Are they even looking at unsolicited pubs at all any more?