Any coffee lovers out there?

What brew method do you use? Drip, French press, vacuum?

Do you roast and/or grind your own?

Doing a little research.....

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any method that works

I use any method that gets me the glorius liquid. I joke about IV bottles.
Have you heard about the caffeine society's anthology?


I might even it fresh out of the bag, freeze dried bug-eyed and deep fried. As long as I get my fix. Now that I think about it, I'm due for another cup. (My friends got me a soup bowl sized cup)

Re:Any coffee lovers out there?

What is the caffeine society's anthology?

Have you ever tried roasting or grinding your own? What brew method do you use?

I'm not a complete idiot -- some parts are missing.

Re:Any coffee lovers out there?

I took the "plunge" (pun explanation forthcoming) and got myself a bag of fresh roasted beans, a grinder, and a Bodum French press. I ground the beans, put 'em in the pot, dumped in some hot water, left it for 5 minutes, then depressed the plunger (pun explained).

What a difference!

Smooth tasting coffee, no bitterness at all. I drank it black, no milk, no sugar, nothin'. It's obviously more work than an automatic drip coffee maker, but a much better end result.

I need to get a burr grinder though. You need an even, coarse grind for the French press, and a blade grinder doesn't let you control the granularity. Apparently a burr grinder gives you a consistent grind, plus it doesn't beat the bejesus out of the beans. Also, my beans could be a few days old. Apparently they are best right after roasting.

Supposedly, you should grind and use the beans immediately, and the water should not be boiling (just shy of that, around 200F). Also, you aren't supposed to keep the beans more than a week, although putting them in an airtight container in the freezer apparently extends their freshness a while. Actually, I read the container should have a one-way vent for the carbon dioxide, which my bag does.

I'm not a complete idiot -- some parts are missing.