Submitted by camidon on Fri, 10/22/2004 - 11:41pm

Anyone seenthis science fiction movie? It came out in 1997.

It seems like a cult type of movie as it didn't do very well in the theaters and the critics gave it mixed reviews. It's not the typical action-scifi flick. The pace is slow, and it's more concerened with good character and probing social issues then blasting out the cool effects.

The premise is a near-future environment where everything is based on genetics. The job you can get and the life you will live is based on your DNA. Children are preselected to have the best possible skills, and therefore exceed at everything. Of Course, there are always exceptiins, and the main character is a guy who is conceived naturally, and therefore has high rates of developing disease or illness, poor qualities for employers. Therefore he goes underground, (becomes an in-valid) assumes a new identify and tries to blend into the main stream upper gene pool society in order to achieve his ultimate dream of flying in space.

Sure there are some hokey things, and I could grumble about some of the infodumping, but overall, I'd strongly recommend this. Jude Law is fantastic, and Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman do well enough, that each character looks at this not-to-unrealistic society with a different angle. Even if you're bred to be perfect, you can never be perfect enough--someone's genes will inevitably surpass yours...

There's a ton of material a science fiction buff can wade through in this movie.